Game day thread - Fark Carlton, 2019 round 11


Both VFL teams have comfortably farked Fark Carlton/Northern.

Can we go three from three?

No Riddles: No Mozzie but we do get an Alwyn and Bags. ESSENDON v CARLTON MCG, 3:20pm AEST Sunday, June 2, 2019

We would ■■■■■■ well want to.


Dons by 8 goals.


I see your 8, and raise you 2.

Dons by 60 plus.


We’re gonna win.


I’m scared

Somebody hold me



We are going to smash them by at least 10 points.


Ive got a good vibe happening today. Lets roll them boys


Ummm, it just started raining in Geelong. WE’RE FARKED!


Did Zerrett just get out of bed?


Just about due for a draw between these two clubs.


Do your best and flaming well win Bombers.

I gonna be mighty :rage: if we drop this one.


Look deep in you hearts and souls. You know how this ends




Got a huge family gathering here at my grandad’s house. Half Essendon half Carlton. We better flog them!




… that you had a boyfriend
Who looked like a girlfriend…


Please remove Tim Watson from media gigs.


We’ll kick 4.16 and lose by a point.


Someone needs to tell Gilbert that Peter Matera is an indigenous Australian.