Game day thread - Fark Carlton, 2019 round 11

We Farkt Carlton

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Eat a bag you flowering kents

I’m always whinging when we lose so have to say well done on the win boys. Couldn’t have asked for much more really given the way we had been playing. Hopefully the start of something

Belted them. Good win.

Carlton player touched it first.

on a showery, slippery day, I’ll take that all the time.


Yeah but the Blitz have been calling him to play for farken ages, stupid woosha

Not even Mrs Silvani tipped Fark FC this week.

As Shax would say: ‘How far the little candle of that win throws his beams - so shines a good deed in a naughty world.’

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Just saw the score, had to pinch myself. We won, we lives to fight on another day.

Good second half.

Was worried it was just going to be a “meh, do enough” win but it was much better than that.

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D Clarke BOG for mine. Stopped FC no.1 weapon and destroyed him going the other way. Awesome job for a second gamer.


By 7 Goals, in the wet, … with about a 1/3rd of our best 22 watching on.


Lowest score we have conceded since 89. Lol surely that cant be true or this Carlton team is deplorable.

Flogged em. Never in doubt*(the win)

Up yours carlscum and blitzer gloomers. You know who u are.

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Mozz next week…

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Fark off FCFC you shitstain of a club. May you remain a rabble for eternity.


Just saw a carlton membership get burned