Game day thread - Fark Carlton, 2019 round 11

Say what you want about Clarke’s kicking etc… but we always perform much better when he’s in the side


Yes, but where was Cripps?

6 touches and a few tackles in this quarter vs 0 for Cripps. Outstanding.


A goal won’t save you Zaha-- Mozz in!

Cripps hasn’t had a touch this Qtr.


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Parish - 10 clearances.

Best thing about Clarke’s performance today is that they can’t drop him for Myers


Begley WTF

How did he not just let that through?

Begley a big FU to Zaharakis

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Johnny Worsfold: Hold my beer

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cripps 1 touch 4th quarter,


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Red man is almost the complete footballer


Yeah baby!

and that’s a win

yay Bombers

Carlton have been farked. That is all.

Well played bombers. Thank fark I changed my tip.

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We Farkt Carlton

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Eat a bag you flowering kents

I’m always whinging when we lose so have to say well done on the win boys. Couldn’t have asked for much more really given the way we had been playing. Hopefully the start of something

Belted them. Good win.

Carlton player touched it first.