Game Day Thread - Round 13 vs Dawks


Line in the sand game vs these very unpleasant fellows. Must win.


Bombers by 7 goals.

Have at it.

2 Dylans are better than 1, but wait there's more... - The Team: ESSENDON v HAWTHORN MRVL , 7:50pm AEST Friday, June 14, 2019

6:20 for a 7:50 kickoff



5:24 for a 6:50 game here in Tokyo. Rushed home to beat the traffic. Keen.


Just a win and come out with no injuries will do. Would love to see the boys ruffle a few feathers especially sicily. Saying that. Bombers by 38.


Let us know who kicks the first one, will you?


Got to the ground at 5:45 for pre drinks before the game. Keen!


when do mods close the team thread?


No late change for us


@Koala - photos of the player sponsor room shenanigans are most welcome. :grin:


Do your best and win. That is all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go Bombers


Would also love to see DClarke back up his form from last game. Hope he wears Omeara like a glove if that’s who he goes to.


Worsfold vs Clarkson.


Hawks by 18.

Might win one of these important games again sometime soon…


Ah, he gets to see it before us because Tokyo is ahead of us


■■■■ these ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■!

■■■■ their arrogant ■■■■■■■ wanker supporters!

Any win is a good win over these ■■■ stains, but gee I hope we bury them.


As stupid as the AFL is for not playing this game at the MCG…

I am glad the roof will be closed, and we can watch clean football.


Take 11 minutes out of your life and watch this prior to the game

Time to stamp back our authority on this team doing it within the rules!






I still have an outstanding $750 bet with a Dawks supporter that we will win our next flag before they do. It starts tonight, with us pushing closer to the top 8 and this rabble falling behind the pack.


Get Sheeds down there with a belly full of red whipping them into a fkg frenzy