GAME DAY thread V Sydney. Sir Francis and the Night of Knights

So you’re to blame when we get done.

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Walla doing some nice snap work.

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The card game?

McGrath woeful at goal.

I flicked past this too quickly and thought it was saying Orazio is out and went FULL PANIC

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Because a win makes finals just that tad more realistic, and almost more importantly breaks the Sydney curse that has been hanging over us for the last 10 years, and was only made worse by the close loss and then finals smashing.

We owe these ■■■■■■.


Well at least we don’t have to witness Goodes flopping and diving around like the cheating **** that he is


Cos we’re gonna WIN*

/*we’re not gonna to win

Heading in now!


Client has a bunch of us in corporate dining area so no hot pies and mid strength today, will be loading right up on the good stuff pregame and making full use of the free flowing beverages.

Game will be a cracker.

Bombers by 24!



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Bookies have Essendon as clear favourite. CLEAR FAVOURITE!


Franga to deal with this Riff Raff.

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Whose leg?

Might have miss heard but some on the train said Hurley is out can any one confirm?

You freaked out over nothing… no late changes to either side.

Yes I did haha

This is absolutely perfect storm stuff:

-A lot of optimism.

-bookies’ favourite against a team above us on the ladder.

-8 point game.

-season on the line.

-other team drilled in the media during the week.

-Lance Franklin.

I think we all know how this ends.


Even the thread is getting pumped up. It’s ok the protein!!


Seven reporting we’re going “Bollywood” tonight.

Kept that quiet??

Bares repeating

Dons by 23