Game Day Thread vs Greater Western Draft Picks 09Apr23

Win and we finish Round 4 above Collingwood on the ladder.

Well win by 17 points but it will be a fight

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Out. Slow starts
In. Percentage boost


its a no brainer pin head

But how do I let out my rage if I’m not watching Hep fail and Jones fail to take pack marks.
It’s quite a quandry.

Can you do the same but leave out the emergencies? Ours are a lot older then the Giants. Also I think it makes a lot more sense to use the Mean for this but happy to hear reasons why Median is better.

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is he playing?

so far this weekend

Pies lost
tigers lost under a goal
bin chickens lost in a nail biter
Hawks likely lose by a lot.

don’t stuff this up Essendon.


Good call - definitely influenced by the emergency selections.
I tend to err on the side of using median if the distribution of data are skewed. Which for games played (not so much age) they definitely are.


These ■■■■■ are going to ruin our Easter again aren’t they

You don’t need to let any result ruin your Easter.
I recommend chocolate, hot cross buns, and cuddles.



Our less experienced are showing fantastic signs, we are ahead of them as a club.

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I think we’ve lost it at selection again. The defence looks okay, the midfield looks okay, but the attack looks really, really poor. There’s no proper small forward named on the ground, and only Menzie and Davey on the bench, and neither of those two do anything like enough. As for the talls, well, Weideman just isn’t good enough, Stringer is not and never will be a key position player and probably won’t get into gear for another couple of weeks (going on history), Langford had his day out a couple of weeks ago and probably won’t kick a goal today and Jones really should be on the ground.

I truly hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t feel like a good day.

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Whats the mean age of both teams with the no emergencies data set?

Think Jones will play well today

Redman will rebound from his shocker

Heppell to get 20 disposal with some good decisions

It makes no difference if players are named on the ground or on the bench, it doesnt even matter what position they are named in. It can all completely change when the game starts.


All games at Marvel are with roof closed this season.

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2.5 hours until voss watch

I thought…“yer, now this is a good sensible post”, until i got to this !

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