Game night thread - Weagles 2019 round 14

jesus essington followed on to ■■■■■■■ kawahja … first runs out maxwell, then goes out, what a ■■■■ nights viewing so far.


Did McKernan take a mark???

Sunshine and lollipops

WTF is up with Blitz posters suggesting it’s ok cause some cheat playing cricket is scoring runs?

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We did, didn’t we?
(Checks team sheet)

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Another season wasted. And yet Dodoro still has a job.


Yep but they pulled a free out of no where to the eagles instead.

This so much. The guy can’t build a finals list no more.

Yes, but Hurn got a ridiculous shepherding free

Who should have he drafted differently?

He’s been disappointing that’s for sure - thought he would be our best midfielder. His best game was against the saints which we lost.

To be fair, I don’t think it’s a list issue. Culture more likely. We just didn’t look like our season was on the line tonight…



The answer Is no - he had one of those patented McKernan is the invisible man type nights.

Man, when he’s bad he is farking pitiful…

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He’s no flop, tad harsh

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You missed the Norf game amongst others?
Was poor tonight but he has been pretty good this year for the most part

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Think for someone that’s a tough taskmaster, you’re going very easy on him.

I think west coast backline collectively was just unreal. All elite players they have back there

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Interesting comments from Grant Thomas on the Lunchtime Catch Up Club in relation to Woosha’s belief that it is not his job to motivate players - Thomas said it definitely is and just because Woosha was self motivated doesn’t mean everyone is. No wonder we are inconsistent. Woosha is only concerned with structure and he can’t get that right!!!

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