Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

Predictions anyone?

l will kick off with a minor one, the Hound will battle the Mountain and kill, but will be seriously wounded in the process. He will linger on for a while, but will then succumb to his wounds.

Jamie will kill Cersei. In fact wouldn’t surprise me if he is one of the few left standing and end up one of the hero’s.


I really don’t want to speculate anymore.
We’ll know soon enough, and if I imagine who’s going to kill who then I’m just gonna be annoyed when they don’t.

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Brienne and Tormund gonna get it on.


The Mountain is on Arya’s list though, so I’m gonna suggest there’s a battle between the Clegane brothers (Hound/Mountain) and the Mountain mortally wounds the Hound, but the Hound lives long enough to see Arya fight the mountain and kill him. Someone pointed out that a few times she’s slid under things, or between legs, plus she has sailed under the legs of the Mountain of Bravos, and so she might finish him with a sword up through the gooch.


But you will…

I think everyone dies and the white walkers win.



This is from the mind that brought you the red wedding. What else do you expect?

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Does one not dead dragon beat two live dragons?

You can’t kill what’s not alive.



The quote is…
What is dead may never die.

My guess on the ending…
Whitewalkers all die.
Almost everyone pretty much dies. Danny, Jon and the Night King realise they are ansestors somehow and rule Westeros. Any survivers crossed the sea.
But I’m sure they’ll come up with a better ending than that…

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Bran is the Night King - goes back to stop it but gets stuck

Danny has just flogged the known world and is just about to marry Snow J and live happily ever after, when Khal Drogo comes back fro the dead, ■■■■■ slaps her back into the kitchen, rips the heart from Snow J’s chest and eats it, and then parks his ■■■■ on ze throne of iron thing.

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Along with Tyrion.

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We have just started rewatching from the first season again. Inital observations of season 1 include:

-wow there was a lot of ■■■■ on display
-the violence and the resulting close up images of blood and guts was next level
-future storylines are explained from the very first episode - which as a non book reader I would have never noticed first time around


I have begun doing something similar for the benefit of my wife and two friends, one who has seen nothing of the show and the other who has only seen series one. For myself it is preparation for the final series. I agree with all of the above. Many small scenes reveal plot or character developments that are seamlessly picked up later. The dialogue has been revealing, as characters spar with one another, testing, forever testing. Some characters have emerged already as fully formed and formidable (Tyrion), while others are slowly beginning to emerge (Cersei). Just as rewarding a second time around.


Pumped, but don’t want it to end