Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

PUMPED. Also don’t want it to end. It’s next month. Hurry up.

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That trailer got me even more excited. A lot of clues on what’s happening as well. Currently half way through season 4 on the rewatch.


Did I see that high-priest who should have died make a return next to Cersei?

Can’t remember when he was meant to die but I know he is the priest/maester who fixed up Jamie’s stump on his way back to Kings Landing.

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Almost have ■■■■■■■ goosebumps watching that. Bring it on, don’t ever let it end.

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You’re thinking of the wrong person. He’s the maester who invents stuff and brought the Mountain back.
You might be thinking of the High Sparrow who was blown up in the wildfire explosion.


Looking forward to the final season.

Will be interesting to see how it finishes and who wins the throne.

Amazon and Sony are doing the Wheel of Time TV series.

Cannot ■■■■■■ wait, if it is done well it will be even better than GOT.


The chief superintendent from Endeavour?

He was murdered by kids?

The person in the trailer is Qyburn - currently Hand of the Queen



No, that was this bloke (Pycelle)…


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Yep, Qyburn took over from him?

Pretty much. Qyburn got the kids to kill Pycelle. (under orders from Cersei)

Pycelle had a strong taste for younger women

Was his aerobics workout in an actual episode, or did I see it on a blooper reel?

I’m looking forward to this also…but I’m not going to compare it with GOT.

Massively different in that GOT was always very adult oriented whereas Wheel of Time was always more family oriented.

Wheel of Time should stand well on it’s own as long as they don’t try to make it GOT 2 (but keep the production values of GOT)

Wheel of Time is either going to be very odd or very different on screen. GoT works as a televised fantasy cos there’s not much magic, but WoT is basically all about magic, in great detail of how it is used, and the nature of it.
When you’re filming it, that either means you cut all the magic down (how?) or you have someone doing exposition every time magic happens (gonna get old quick…) or you do a massive expository info dump early on and then illustrate what’s happening with the magic using CGI. Which would be really really hard, and which would really rely on your audience remembering your infodump properly, or they’ll completely lose track of what’s going on.

they’re gonna ruin my favourite series.

just animate that ■■■■.