Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

Actual episode, but I think just the ‘afterglow’. :face_vomiting:

That’s bizarre.
What were they thinking?

Arya together with the Hound will take down the Mountain.

Arya to use Jaimie’s face to kill Cersei or does Jaimie make his sister drink poison?

Will Arya have to lose the hand to impersonate Jamie?


In his case that was any woman under the age of 90.


I can’t believe someone hasn’t posted this already


I didn’t see anything of interest in that clip but I’m guessing there’s a full ‘what you missed’ article somewhere

Looks like the Battle of Winterfell…objects to see included Tyrion’s “Hand” pin, Bran’s (broken) wheelchair, Jaime’s golden hand and Jon Snow’s sword

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It may be a premonition/dream or they all may be dead.

In a couple of weeks we’ll know.

Winter is nearly here.


Not a bad first episode, just setting up a lot of stuff for the rest of the season. Some good payoff reveals involving J Snow

Really enjoyed it. Covered a lot of territory. Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. (Not looking forward to it ending!)

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Was good.
Only improvement would have been Sam saying …and you’re f#cking your aunty - just after he says you’re the king of whole ■■■■■■ lot.


Damn ladies and gentleman, that was so very satisfying on many many levels. The look on Arya’s face at the start. The interplay between Sansa and Daenerys. The confrontation between Arya and the Hound. Loved it.

We only have 6 episodes so I can’t imagine we’ll have much in the way of slow storytelling. Just information overload until the last episode which will be some huge battle I guess?


Lots to love - especially the look on Jamie’s face at the end… and the “What do dragons eat?”
“Anything they like.”
There’s all sorts of people still alive so anything could happen.


I just wanna see arya put danerys face on

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I’m starting to think, the north triumph over the white walkers, then turn south as truly battle hardened troops and seize King’s Landing. Cersei is put to death and John ascends the Iron Throne. Let’s hope anyway.

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I suspect Jon and Daenerys would ascend the throne jointly.

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I’m thinking along the same lines as many on different forums (I don’t use them, just read about them) where John needs to bring Lightbringer to life. The only way to do that originally was for Azor Ahai to thrust the sword through his wife’s breast. I think Ironclaw is Lightbringer and John will need to thrust it through Daenerys’s breast. Well maybe!

I’ve read lots of possible scenarios… the only thing for sure is that there will be a huge battle - some of the main characters will die & we may or may not like the final ending! (Kit Harrington said he was ‘satisfied’ with it.) Make of that what you will!!
Melisandre is still alive - maybe she has a role to play in who is brought back to life??

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