Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

Whichever way it goes, I reckon it is gonna be a wild ride!

Oof boring

I hope Cersei wins

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LOL at the “behind the scenes” commentary that ‘Jon’s not always the quickest on the uptake’.

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Yara pretty much spelt it out.

They’ll get slaughtered at Winterfell - all of the dragons and Theon, Jaime and a few others will die, the rest will escape to the Iron islands - where they’re safe from the White Walkers. They’ll regroup and who knows what from there.

No way they spend 8 years telling a story than has them all ending up hiding on the iron islands


I’m not saying they’ll hide there forever but they will end up there after they are forced to escape from Winterfell. Then they’ll devise a plan and go from there.

8 years? Bruh books have been out decades.

Amazing that all the main characters survived the first episode. I was expecting at least one of the regulars to come to an end.

Also a little surprised we saw nothing of the Night King. Watching them destroying the Umbers would have been a good warm up to what is to come.

I felt that they were just putting all the chess pieces on the board and now we’re about to watch the final Game unfold.


This is like wanting Caroline Wilson to win best journalism award. Very nasty piece of work… (Both of them)


I didn’t like the dragon flying part but understand they had to get Jon on a Dragon somewhere before a battle.
The way Jon was told about his lineage was perfect.

I think Danaerys takes the dragons to the iron islands before the battle with the Whitewalkers at Winterfell. The dragons aren’t eating, she hasn’t found out about Jon yet and she isn’t exactly welcomed there so it could work out that way.
If Danaerys stays, then it’ll be awesome if another dragon is raised (there is another dragon in the crypts of Winterfell for memory - Barathreon and Ned were looking at one in season 1). Regardless, very few characters make it out of Winterfell once the white walkers get there.

Good start to set up the season.


I thought we had 8. The episodes aren’t that long (1hr) but without ads I guess that’s pretty solid.

Where Jon goes from here after finding out he is the true heir to the throne is anyones guess.

Will Bronn kill Jamie and Tyrion?

Biggest laugh moment was when the hand of the queen mentioned one of the whores will die of pox in a year and Bronn freaked out asking which one… lmao.

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I have a feeling Danaerys won’t be welcoming to the idea of Jon being rightful heir considering she has grown a big head over her status since day dot. Consider some big tension especially knowing that Jon just realised he has been getting it on with his aunty

Glad they got Jon’s lineage out of the way in the first episode.

Yes it was a good start but for me it seemed a bit rushed.

Best thing about them all being at the same location is there will be no complaints about teleportation.


There are only 6 episodes, with episodes 3-6 about 80 minutes long.

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How dare you

Jon’s Harry Potter moment.

(Could have said the same to you :wink:)
Must agree that Caro is far worse than Cersei.


I’m in no doubt that Cersei is pretty much insane, much like Joffrey was, where as Wilson is just a hateful ■■■■■.