Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


I liked the last moment best.
‘Oh, ‘allo. Ye sister-■■■■■■■’, me-cripplin’ prick.’


On Sue Perkins’s Thronecast, they were predicting what would happen in the series.

On the grounds that the scripts have been so perverse in killing off favourites throughout, they’re predicting all sorts of awful endings.

I reckon they might end it fairly comfortably with Jon and Daenerys ascending the throne together.

Anyway, I don’t reckon they’ve killed off too many good types, except Ned and the Red Wedding crew…and the lady that Joffrey fired an arrow into.


Felt out of context and way too fake. Would have been better if he came to realise he could ride a dragon whilst in the heat of battle.


A few of the ‘nicer’ ones who have suffered miserable fates as well…
…Hodor, Shireen Baratheon & a number of Tyrells. Ygritte too.


Reckon he will & they did this ‘trial ride’ as a precursor for it.


But the suspense and surprise has gone now we know Jon can ride a dragon. Imagine how much more gripping it would have been in battle him racing away from the Night King while riding on a dragon for the first time.

The scene last night felt like it was just an excuse to show off some awesome iced landscape and give Danny and Jon a chance to make out away from the masses.


Yes, I agree with you. Spectacular scenery but a bit Mills & Boony.


That riding the dragon part was lame as ■■■■


I find it hilarious that G.R.R Martin has said he could very well change the ending and events in the books.


Guessing he’ll have two endings, one for the book and one for the TV series.

I’m thinking John Snow is about to take the throne but gives it up for his sisters.


He might do that…but his track record suggests he wouldn’t get it finished anyway.


Given that the army of the dead are unable to cross oceans, why doesn’t everyone simply pack up, abandon Westeros and move to Essos?

Guess that would be a somewhat anti-climatic ending!


Yeah straight out of Harry Potter. The Dragon staring at them whilst they begin to f*ck was hilariously awful.


This season will be mediocre until the great Littlefinger sits on the throne. And it will happen


Spoiler: You’re all nerds


says the Mr Robot watcher?

■■■■ outta here nerd


Oh I’m a mega nerd in a million other ways, don’t worry about that!


Is anyone gonna…




That scene was showing a dragon bonding with Jon. It now places him on an equal footing in the dragon stakes with Daenerys. That dragon is now his and would choose him over her. All part of the intrigue surrounding the Iron Throne.