Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

Dany is going to get cranky if she’s not the one to personally supervise Cersei’s execution. She didn’t appear gruntled with Missandei’s decapitation.

Stone dragon/s. Raegal could emerge from the sea like a stone dragon phoenix, or the carved stone dragons could be brought to life by the blood of a king, as prophesied by Milisandra. Euron looked mighty scared at the end of the promo, which he shouldn’t be if it was just a scorpion vulnerable Drogon.



I love it and I think it’s amazing

Imagine how hard it would be to write this season when every pimply nerd with a bittorrent and a reddit account has a theory on how it would end

There remain theories, but nobody knows how this thing is going to finish up

Whingeing ■■■■■■■ all over the internet complaining about story arcs and writing but nobody has worked it out



This also suits Martin. He can sort of see how the masses react to certain events and will reshape the story to suit what he wants.

I heard somewhere that he hates ‘fans’ getting involved in the way the story is told and I think the TV show writers have actually tried to please everyone whilst throwing in some ‘red wedding’ attempts at shocking the viewers.

Episode 3 was intense. Even on second and third viewing. Not sure we’ll get that feeling in the next battle.

I really don’t care how the story unfolds from here. I just don’t want it to be a ‘happy ending’ where everyone lives in happiness.


I definitely have the same view, but for the life of me, I can’t work out what that ending is.

Does Cersei have to win?

I’m not even sure which deaths would shock me. Or satisfy me for that matter.

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Having said that, I really want Danerys to cark it.

Disliked her in the show, hated her in the books. Please don’t let her be queen.

She’ll be queen…

Until Varys kills her.

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I actually like that.

Very final scene is Varys poisoning her, he says “for the realm” to her as she dies, and then slides back into the shadows.

Fade to Black

The end.


I think Cersei will die at the hands of the Arya Stark. However her just born twins will be smuggled out of Westeros by Bron as a favour for Jamie in return for Highgarden. The twins grow up in exile - only to realise as they come of age that they have a claim to the iron throne and off we go again…


Definitely doable.

But he has to have a ready made replacement. It can’t be John in that scenario as it cheeses it.

Do you really have faith that he will ever finish the books? Why would he post the tv series finishing. I reckon either way he can’t win.

I don’t think he will.

He’s more interested in the history book he wrote and other TV spin offs.

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I have no faith that I’d ever get around to reading the books. Or even listening to the audio books.
Heck I’ve barely gotten through the comic book version of the books.

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Hey! I know this one!

This is how it ends:

I don’t… really… know what that was.

Have you got a Buffy reference instead?


Thanks @Paul_Peos — hadn’t seen this before, it is awesome. I squealed and clapped manically.

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