Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


There’s a been a bit of blood spilled this season. But not by anyone who affected the story in any major way. As you said I think Littlefinger last season. And Emma Peel and the Kardashians got knocked off that season too.


Jorah? Theon? The Night King?


I suppose Theon is/was


The Night king was a big deal, and Rhaegal. Probably weren’t goin to sit on the throne though.
Think f it like the few days off during the WC before the knockout phase then.
Gotta expect at least one good guy and one bad guy will die next ep.


I’m going to argue that two characters who haven’t spoken a single world in 8 seasons, really aren’t that big of a deal.


I’ll argue they killed a lot of people and that made them important.


Theon’s been waiting to die since they made mince meat of his sausage. It was only a matter of how.


And the book is called Fire and Ice and that is both those characters… maybe.


This is a bit of a giggle, and for a good cause.


I can’t believe no one has registered — so much money left on the table!


I’m sure no-one will be surprised but quite a few prominent characters died in today’s episode.


So that makes things pretty interesting. I thought Cersei and Jamie would have made it to the boat only for Jamie to die from his wounds and just before Arya arrives using her knowledge of the secret tunnels. Then Arya would have got her wish.


Hands down the best episode of the season. GOT at it best.


Loved this episode (would like to say more but will wait til others have watched it)

@JBOMBER (you were right :slightly_smiling_face:)


Dany ain’t going to sit on no Iron Throne. Arya will fix her little red wagon.


So was the Golden Company 2,000 strong or 20,000 and did Daenerys acquire an extra 5,000 Dothraki and a ton of Unsullied? Because watching the end of the Winterfell Battle when they had scraps left for army and now apprently outnumbering them easily…


She went to the eunuch printing factory.


Well. That escalated quickly.

(It also makes a mockery of the rest of the season.)


Lot to like, but still a few sillies.

  • liked the darkness of it, it’s no red wedding, but it’s a heap better than the standard Hollywood ending. Interested to see how Jon and Arya react next episode.
  • Varys was great
  • liked Jamie and Cersei.
  • Cleganebowl! The hound laughing jumping into the fire was perfect.
    -Quyburn getting the send off he deserved. Insignificant, haha.

The silly.

  • That silly pirate character was just bad.
  • engage god mode, kinda makes the last two seasons pointless. Yeah it gives a reason for the dark turn. But you could have gone god mode earlier.


Wow…just Wow!!!

That was superb and such a twist in the plot…that had George Martin all over it