Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

So we’re all in agreement, Arya is totally Killing Daenerys in the next episode yeah?

She is The Mad Queen now, taking after her daddy. Fantastic plot swerve.


Na I think humanity will get the tyrant they deserve.


I did appreciate the “next week” had zero spoilers or hints.



His old quote has a bit more meaning

George RRM - Well, of course, the two outlying ones — the things going on north of the Wall, and then there is a Targaryen on the other continent with her dragons — are of course the ice and fire of the title , “A Song of Ice and Fire.” …You know, one of the dynamics I started with, there was the sense of people being so consumed by their petty struggles for power within the seven kingdoms, within King’s Landing — who’s going to be king? Who’s going to be on the Small Council? Who’s going to determine the policies? — that they’re blind to the much greater and more dangerous threats that are happening far away on the periphery of their kingdoms.

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Ok. So someone wastes Dany. You’re then left with one totally annoyed dragon. It aint going nowhere. The unsullied and dothraki are loyal as well. This aint ending nicely.

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What a ripper of an episode. Some bits were a little bit cheesy, but a lot of the action scenes were very well put together, the explosions and the buildings coming apart, the violence was powerful too.


i gave a massive fist pump when cersei’s offsider, cannot recall his name, got mauled. awesome.

I loved the episode.
Still recovering from it, but as others have said it has issues.

If I had to choose one thing that I dislike most of the last two seasons, it’s Tyrion’s arc.

I’m gonna collect my thoughts, because I hated it.

Absolutely hated it.

Thank fark for Cleganebowl.


Bet you’re one of those. Danys madness was too sudden?

I’m waiting for Furiousgeorges fight tactics deconstruction.


Don’t think Dany’s getting a victory ■■■■ from John Snow

Could see last week she was going to go bonkers though


Unearnt, unwarranted, unnecessary.

Had she done it before the city had surrendered, I might have bought it. Might.

Oh, and Jamie Lannister was very lucky to survive 27 stab wounds to the abdomen. What is this, Me Myself and Irene?


A bit like the defence of Winterfell - why have a castle & walls if you’re going to put your army outside its protection? The golden nothings!!! What was the point - just imagine into existence extra Lanister army like they keep doing with the Dothraki, Unsullied & Iron fleets.

I’ll give you the pirate vs Jamie, probably the dumbest scene in the whole series.

But her being a tyrant has been there the whole time. She’s threatened to raise every city she has come across. She’s allways been talked off the ledge by her aides.

Jorah - dead
Messainde- dead
Varys- executed
Tyrion - loss of faith.

No one there to stop her, so her true nature revealed.



I’m sort of with you.
Unfortunately I stumbled upon spoilers and I didn’t like what I was reading. Unfortunately, everything that was written happened in this episode so the rest is likely to occur.

I don’t think we’d like who ends up sitting the throne nor what happens to Dany and Jon.

Regarding the episode…
It’s clear that Jon isn’t happy with how it all went down. Ditto Arya.
I thought that the dragon fire scenes were a little ‘undramatic’ (if that’s a word). I felt war was pretty much over too easily. It’s tough to tell where Cersei’s army actually was.
They dealt with Varys rather quickly. That didn’t quite get built up as well as it could.

I have to say, the season is ‘so-so’. Everything was going so well until the Night King was killed. The pace of the show was perfect and everything was dealt with well. Since then, it seems everything is a little rushed and not much time has been put in to the ‘mad queen’ portion of the story.

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Hate is a strong word, but I’m much closer to @Paul_Peos then everyone else.

I wasn’t really shocked by dany’s turn, and agree that it feels rushed and just serves to turn one side into the baddies for the ending.

That’s not just a tyrant.

That’s the greatest villian in all of GOT history.

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I’m not sure where to start as I was eating some particularly good rum ‘n’ raisin ice cream during the episode. I’ll need to think about it some more.

Quick summary is that Dany went full retard. Never go full retard.