Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

And to think of all the real children named Kahlesi.


Yeah, hate is too strong of a word.

The show is emotive, I’ll certainly give them that.


Yeah this is where I’m at. Wtf. She’s done plenty of killing over the course of the series but she’s usually been killing oppressors or transgressors.

Suddenly she just goes faaaaaark it and kills everyone? I thought she was going straight for the keep to roast Cersei , but no she’d gone completely bat ■■■■ crazy.

The epilogue will be interesting. Yes they set her up as having a dark side, yes GOT is at its best when it’s shocking you, but this felt kind of like jumping the shark to me.

Also the Scorpions proving totally useless seemed a let down after his much they’d had their tyres pumped up.


So if she was just going to go to King’s Landing and blow it up, why didn’t she do that like 4 seasons ago. Because Missandei was killed? Surely not.

How did Jamie survive a sword through the chest?

What was the purpose of killing Varys?

What even was the point of Jamie’s entire character arc?

The episode looked great. But at the end I’m sort of wondering what the point of the first seven seasons was.

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3 episodes ago dany was risking both her remaining dragons to fight NK for the good of the realm and to protect the innocents.

Now she’s killing everyone. It’s probably GRRM’s ending but the show has missed all the subtlety and slow build up that I’d expect to be in the books.

It just felt hollow. I’m a book reader and I remember watching season 1 and feeling like I was watching a highlights package that missed so much context. Over the ensuing seasons I got past that but that’s exactly what this feels like again except much worse. The big moments that everyone remembers are there but there’s so, so much missing.

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This is 100% true, but it’s been that way for ages.

I’ve had low expectations for awhile, knowing they can’t pull it totally off without the books.

They’ve done it ok though.

Obvious things are obvious.

(Apart from her pulling her extra armies out of her back pocket.)

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What was Varys writing on the note - who was it to? Kids interrupted & I missed it :angry:

Was he really killed for suggesting to Tyrion that John might be the better option or was there some other betrayal - did anyone ever wonder how Euron kept knowing exactly where they were going to be sailing - obviously a mole.

Lol even Cleganebowl felt cheesy. I’m all for King Snow now.

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Good but predictable episode.

They have, and as it’s been stated elsewhere, these guys didn’t sign on to write George RR Martin fan fiction, which is what they’ve had to do.

I’ve been with them most of the way, and I friggin loved Ayra and the Knight King.

But this one? Nah. That wasn’t just a turn into a tyrant, she was deliberately mowing down innocent women and children, and for no strategic reason.

That’s a homicidal maniac, and that hasn’t been there the whole time.


GRR Martin told them his plans for the ending.

I guess the flip side of this is you’re left questioning the whole good guy bad guy trope. In the real world does Jon Snow take the thrown, probably not.

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Ok, so Cersei had this Golden Company mob who were more useless than the Dothraki that charged the Night King at the start of the battle of Winterfell. If you’re going to throw away that many men in a pointless tactical blunder, why not use them to lay some ambushes on the Northern Army’s approach routes, or even attack them in their camp? They’re mercenaries, so you might as well get some value for money. But what about the last remaining dragon, I hear you ask? Maybe a sneak attack on their camp could provoke her into an reactive attack that you could use to lure her into a scorpion ambush.

So far in every battle or situation involving Cersei and/or Euron they have had a trick up their sleeve or been able to outwit their opponents, yet this time around, with their enemies exhausted from a huge battle at Winterfell and then a march across the length of Westeros and down a dragon, the best tactic they could come up with was: lock the gates, anchor the fleet and hope for the best? Disappointing to say the least.

So once the battle begins, Euron gets his ■■■■ handed to him because his fleet is fixed in one spot, closely bunched up and then couldn’t hit the sole remaining dragon because she came out of the sun at the beginning of the attack? So it’s a Maritime Fleet Operations fail for Euron. Dany was rather impatient to get underway the previous day, so perhaps she should have used her black-as-night dragon to attack the conveniently stationary fleet during the night? Or perhaps she realised tomorrow was going to be a big day and decided to get a full nights sleep?

Once the battle started it appeared the scorpions on the walls weren’t able to rotate around and fire back across the city (kind of a weakness against a dragon that can kind of fly wherever there is, you know, sky). After that tactics were kind of pointless as it became a smoky bbq-sauce slaughter, rather than a battle. I could go into defensive tactics plans for what to do once the enemy has breached your outer defences (which Cersei had pretty much conceded was going to happen once she announced Operation Peasant Human-Shield), but clearly they didn’t even bother. It’s all pretty much the same as inside winterfell. Turn the streets into killing grounds, obstacles to channel the attackers, archers on top of buildings, generous use of wildfire bombs, etc. But nah, we’ll just hide behind the wall and assume everything will be cool. Cersei fails Defensive Operations Tactics and Planning.

Now, Dany. I need to capture this city to secure the key terrain in this war and to secure the strategic centre of power in the kingdom. The enemy’s key weapon systems have been negated, their will to fight has been broken and I have the opportunity to seize the city by a coup de main action that will secure all my military and political strategic objectives. All I have to do is allow them to surrender, remove their force potential from the situation and flush out Queen Cersei.

Nah, fark it, burn the whole joint down and kill every last motherfarker in the place.

Queen Dany, you have consistently failed to display sound tactical and strategic decision-making, your command and leadership style is not conducive to effect military operations, and frankly, you’ve become a bit of a homicidal psychopath. You are hereby expelled from Westeros Command and Staff College.


You need to deliver that message in person, mate. I’m not doing it.


Unlike previous places, she knew they wouldn’t love her, so now make all of Westeros fear her.

Edit: but she did go from 1/10 crazy to 10/10 awefull quickly.

The thing I hate most is Jon and Danyle love arc. So fake

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I’ve hated Jon all the way, till tonight, when I saw him sing Wildling (red nose video above).

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Final episode sees Daenerys flying north and justly removing Sansa. And Jon deciding that a resumption of s hagging his aunt maybe be a prudent course to take!