Game of Thrones TV show mega thread

That seems the least likely explanation.

Please tell me you don’t have a dragon…

There’s a mother-in-law joke in there somewhere.


That’s what she said?

But when she doesn’t get the adoration she craves, wow that’s some sort of Narcissistic rage.

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and she felt betrayed by all that she loved. Couldn’t keep her emotions in check.

Even with having to stretch your imagination re some of the plot. I loved this episode.

Seems it is just me that doesn’t care she destroyed Kings Landing and nearly all it’s inhabitants.

Also and I may wrong as it’s been long time since I read the books, but seem to recall there is another dragon egg somewhere.


Maybe D&D just wanted to destroy King’s Landing so that they could finally show off the power of a dragon as a weapon of mass destruction.

And boy did those scenes look spectacular, they really spent the budget on that episode. Maybe that’s why the Battle of Winterfell looked so dark, coz they were saving the money for the Battle of King’s Landing.

Expect Jaqen to play a key role in the next episode

I only have an IQ3, but that changed from IQ2.

While you’re watching a show, press the yellow button and turn Closed Captions on. It then stays on through any show until you turn it off again.

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If Dany pulls off her face to reveal it was jaqen doing all the killing… All is forgiven in my book.

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Euron claims to have one. In the books he is sailing off to woo Dany, not Cersei.


The credits show one large dragon and three small ones. But you’d think if that was relevant it would have showed up in this week’s episode. I guess you should interpret the big one as the “Mother of Dragons”.


Thanks for that, yep had forgotten it was Dany and not Cersei re Euron.

The cinematography and directing were utterly brilliant. As was the score (I didn’t like the Battle of Winterfell piano tune but this was awesome).

The script however… Dany has obviously gone too mad too quickly which is frustrating. I like the idea of her going full Mad Queen, just not in the space of 4 episodes! They could’ve killed Missandae in this weeks episode when the Bells were ringing which then would’ve helped explain why she just snapped. But otherwise it’s so out of character, as people have said, this is the woman who locked her Dragons up for killing an innocent kid. Now she’s barbecuing an entire city (something I’d like to do to AFL House actually).

Arya’s “immortality” is the worst though, she’s gone from one of the best characters to an utter joke.


I thought it was one of the strongest episodes in the last four seasons. It had all the classic hallmarks of GoT and the character turns have been fantastic.

People wonking on in the forums about character arcs and how it doesn’t do justice to the books can bite me. It was 80 minutes of alternating between riveting suspense and some of the most awesome battle scenes ever. I’m more than happy to suspend disbelief on this show -> I watch it as if it is a storyteller’s account of events that
happened in the past, embellished where necessary for effect.

I don’t understand why people think Dany has gone bad overnight. Right through the whole series she has escalated every action against her into a devastating reaction, whether it be executing the Tarleys or the slave owners, burning the Khals in their tent, etc. She has always been like this. We’re just seeing her in full Khaleesi mode because Cersei made it personal.

I’ll guarantee if she had have pulled out and not burned down the city when the bells rang the story would have been something along the lines of Cersei pretending to surrender by ringing the bells and then executing all the enemy forces with wildfire or similar. The only possible way to take Cersei down was to match her callous disregard for life.


I woke up this morning feeling better about this episode than I felt last night. And then I started talking about it and realised there’s just so much I didn’t like. I like the story progression, but the characters acting out of character to get there ■■■■■ me.

And Cersei being built up as big bad just to be crushed by some rocks out of sight? Lame. Jamie was a waste after all that too.


Nah, Dany has been bordering on cat lady crazy since about season two.
Before now though she’s either had limited power or a bunch of people telling her to pull her head in.
Her power has been increasing by the season (sans two dragons) while she’s lost 90% of her advisors in the span of a few weeks/months

Does every character need a grandiose send off?
It’d be like claiming Hitler should’ve gone down all guns blazing in some epic last stand rather than blowing his own brains out.

i really hope @Mrs_Peos isn’t your aunty