Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


The thing is that I believe beyond the wall is the only place Jon really found peace with himself. Up there titles, kings, queens and lords didn’t matter. Therefore it made sense for him to head back there and enjoy the rest of his days without the political bullshit that goes on south of the wall.


King of the Norther North!


They should have made it clearer that Jon was happy going North and that it wasn’t really a punishment, his whole last scene was very “Brooding Jon” when it should have been bitter in the sense that he is grieving Dany and his honour and sweet in the sense that he is back home. They also should have had it be sunnier and more springy on the northern side of the wall to make it feel more hopeful


They showed a weed, what more do you want!


Exactly. There were green shoots showing.

Also I don’t think they had to spell out they Jon was happy going north. Viewers of the show should have understood this. This partly explains why the last season has copped a lot of criticism. Some people wanted things spelt out clearly - for example I understand that Dany was always mad but she well advised until all her advisers were dead.

Maybe they could have done it better but the way the story was told was ok as long as you recognised that some things were there for you to interpret yourself.


485,000 Seppos have signed a petition asking for Season 8 to be done again, after putting Benioff and Weiss in front of Drogon.

Well…I made up the last bit, but suffer in your jocks, Seppo whingers!


Ok then, let’s hear it, and we will see if we can poke holes in it.


Rickon Stark: He lived his life with 6 arrows through his body.


Can’t say I noticed it, but couldn’t swear against it.


Zigged when he should have zagged .


Im not sure he zigged or zagged.

Either would have helped.


I read a tweet from Stephen King about a month ago and he was working his fairly sizable.and intuitive mind to predict the ending.

He said something along the lines of "dont be surprised if the throne is claimed by the most strategic mind in all of Westeros. "

Ive held this to myself as I thought it rang so true to me that it might even be a genuine spolier.

When you think about it. Was this prediction correct?

Who convinced Jon to do the deed?

Duty is the death of love?

His family gone. His love gone.

He had but one duty. The good of the people.

And thus Jon and Dany were removed.

And who ends up head of the table pulling the puppets (Brans) strings after hand selecting the king?



In the case of Danerys, they were one in the same.


Not referring to Jon.


interesting, that Bran wanted to know where Drogon was. Was it simply to let viewers know he went East/home? He seemed preoccupied by it, even saying he’d find out himself. I like to think there’s potential trouble afoot involving Jon and Drogon. You know, some years down the track, Jon and Drogon reunite for some cause which Bran considers a threat? I like how potential stories were suggested as the series came to an end. HBO will be keen to keep the phenomenon going.


So they say look boys and girls - go away - see if you can make it now that GOT has given you a leg up.

If you don’t make it because we’ve stereotyped the crap out of you, head back and we’ll take it from there.


Not going to please everyone.
When did the wall get fixed?

Breaking Bad was still a better series and had a better ending. GoT still awesome though


It was only the bit at the end, not the whole wall.


What did Bran tell Tyrion when Tyrion asked to hear his story and they cut to the next scene?


When did the Unsullied learn how to sail?