Game of Thrones TV show mega thread


100% agree. They will never ever make a sequel to this, so why bother leaving something open? You wont please everyone with an ending, but at least try and please 30% of the audience. I doubt more than 2% wanted an ending like that.

Maybe they made the ending crap so people will now buy the books and check out the ending there? (Not that they need help selling the books)


The raven on his right?


Had to go back to the poster and have another look, as hadn’t noticed the raven previously.


That is kinda cool.


Pretty sure Ned Stark is on that poster because Sean Bean was the biggest-name actor in the show at the beginning. They didn’t know just how big GOT was going to become at that point.




GOT didn’t need another season. It just needed the last 2 seasons to be of the same length as all the others, that would have been enough time to tie all the loose ends up.


It probably didn’t need to ■■■■ around so much in the previous two season either


Have you lot forgotten how incredible the entire GoT production was?? Amazing locations, unbelievable special effects, brilliant acting, clever twists…
They were never going to please everyone with the ending but looking back over the 8-9 years it was epic!


you’re wrong.


Again, I loved it all.
I would have liked a bit more depth in the last two seasons, the Battle of Winterfell had serious issues; the Dothraki charge, the lack of tactics, the lighting, that it was over so quickly and kinda dumbly, ‘get to the crypt!’
But it was still good.
Some more insight into Bran would have been good. Even just a little bit.
‘I’ve hidden my armada around the corner to fool you!’

Still, though. Overall I enjoyed it all.

If I’d have changed anything, which I wouldn’t, but if I did, it would be that Dany went mad, sure, but not genocide mad.
You could argue that was unsubtle.
You could also argue it’s completely out of character, and we have to tilt our head a certain way to even accept the possibility of it happening.
So, that doesn’t happen.
Cersei dies they way she should have died (and possibly Jaime too).
Dany takes the throne and makes plans for the retaking of Winterfell.

Same moral dilemma for Jon and Tyrion, but with slightly less justification to go against her, sans geno.


No, you are.


I know you are, but what am I?


One thing is for sure, it has polarized audiences.

Discussion this at work, people scored it between 2/10 to 7/10. I am firmly set on 3/10.

GOT lost what made GOT the best show on TV.



And I assume for the people who game it 2/10, one point was given for the shot of Dany’s wings.


10/10 from me- looked forward to watching it every week & am disappointed that it’s all over.


This is the best thing about the last season


I just like the arrogance of people who thought “their” ending was the only possible ending.

I liked it, even though there were flaws, but it had a logical ending.


If the 90s taught me anything, it’s that zig and zag aren’t good for little boys.


The Ayra story arc dragged a little too long for my tastes, even though it was necessary for her chracter development.