Gameday vs Aints - Some Think We Can Win In 2022. They’re right

No I’m getting the band out of the way first. Found an early gig.

Let’s ride. Emotional stability on red. Physical well-being on black. Spin the wheel.

■■■■ off the forum then.

Let’s go Dons, smash em like last year. 2MP and Stringer are both overdue

We will drag them down to our level of awful mediocrity and lose by 3 goals.

2mp 6 goals. Massimo 25+ possessions.
Bombers by 12.

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I’m thinking Saints by 35. And that’s if we actually turn up and put in a half decent effort. It could be a 60+ point loss if we mail it in. Even if we try, our ball movement is terrible and we have zero system both offensively and defensively. The only way we win is if we completely torch them in the middle and 2MP kicks 8.

You better bring that BIG ■■■■ energy tonight Draper.


Otherwise fkn replace ya with Zac Clarke


If Brayshaw is commentating, will he say something like; “Massimo massages the ball…”

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How about you shut your petulant ■■■■■ mouth, champ?

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We like playing under a roof because it’s similar to our training conditions at Tulla.

Day 2 of transitioning into a new role at work that involves working until 8-9pm each night so that’s the end of night games for me. Strange thing is I don’t really care that I’m going to miss the game

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I feel like I’ve read this thread before…

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It’s a win if we score more than 50 points tonight.


It is over yet


aints by 60.

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Truck to do something crazy and play Martin as a forward.

Saints by 74


Oohhhhh “champ” has been played early tonight


Ah yes an Essendon game on eh
That’s the thing I have on in the background with the volume turned way down while I work on my model railroad as losing three hours of my valuable hobby time is something I can I’ll afford


Things you’d like to hear dingus say…