Gameday vs Lions

Just announced ! Rest in peace. Mr. Jim daniher father and grandfather of


anyone with a link to a stream please pm em

Give us your best please Bombers.

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Stallion said that Heppell may have injured himself during the warm up. Was that legit?

I think we have a better chance at the G than docklands.

I want Hep to start in the guts

Ambrose to Hipwood

Point to us

FMD the commentators are going to be painfully pro Brisbane today

They were on the lead up on Triple M.

Talking about how exciting it is for Brisbane’s rise and the prospect of them being 4-0.

Hepp started on the wing and stringer started in middle.

TIPPA goal



Zahrakis started well

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Great kick from Zaka

Brilliant by Zaka.

Good start - I can’t believe I’m going to say this but we look switched on today.

Wow Stringer

The boys look on!

Bellchambers to miss next week?

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