Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


Also I have just bought a Lenovo Tab and cruising through the google play store I came across an app called “Alite” It is almost the exact same as Elite that I grew up playing on the Commodore 64, so anyone of my vintage that loved to play that may want to give Alite a go. It even starts you off at Lave and the planet names I have encountered are the same as the original, but there are some new ships. It is a bit harder to land without a joystick but it sure beats the f*@k out of Elite Dangerous!

Also, Alite is FREE!

Now it is time for me to play Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind, got it for Christmas and been busy the last couple of days and it took a while to download.


I am not hugely into gaming but my mate just gave me his Xbox One as he is going overseas for work.
I am really only into sport games. What are the best sport games for Xbox One?




On the contrary, MS are leveraging PC/XB synergy as one strategy to try and gain an ascendancy.

The reason you can’t use KB+M on console is the very obvious, simple reason that it’d be a ridiculous advantage. And other than 0.1% of console gamers who are serious enough to consider that a desirable option, yet not have a gaming PC, no-one on console gives a fk about it as an option.


So third party is okay but proprietary isn’t?


brace for 5-30% performance hits.


Sorry I’m not sure what you’re asking




PUBG gets up to 4 million users on Xbox in a hair over 6 weeks, fastest take up of a game since the platform began.


how about monster hunter world?


Few people playing it, but looking at my friends list right now it’s still 70% PUBG


Its taken over pubg in terms of $ figures.


anyobe street fighter 5 on ps4?

i suck and need help getting at least ok


It’s because It cost twice as much and has micro transactions, and that’s across all platforms


Sorry, what is PUBG?


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Its like a battle royal MP game


But they’re in way over their heads now and it’s stagnated.


summarises my experience with the game.


latest patch has been really smooth for me on PC. No more early game lag. Huge game… not perfect… love it.


Just bought this and have been playing the pre-release. Absolute gem of a game.

Its a cross between Left 4 dead and COD Zombies.

Highly polished, fun and satisfying gameplay, great graphics and runs a treat 9/10