Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


Best chance is to join a clan for that particular game. I’ve seen a number of Dad/Casual time poor clans for a couple of games. There is one for Dads of Destiny. I’m sure there’d be equivalent ones for other games as well.

On another note, wheres the old gamer tag sheet that was part of this thread?


Downloaded Burnout 3, giving it a whirl on the Xbox 360.

Still easily the best arcade racer ever made, holds up incredibly well, has not aged one iota.

Close to the perfect game for me.


@Polydeukes You need to redo your links!


Bought the PSVR today from eb with 3 games, camera etc…

GT is pretty sweet. Feeling sick though after an hours play. Saying that when I play a new FPS I always feel like this until I get used to it.

Super easy to setup. Will attempt to hook up to pc when feeling less sick and see how it goes on steamvr stuff.


PUBG $10 off on Steam at the moment. Is it worth a go?


Yes and no.

yes because its probably the best battle royale (fortnite is a kids game come @ me).

no because its plays like dogshit connected to more dogshit with wires.

also if anyone recommends the ipad version/ console version they’re as deluded as those that think we’re winning a flag this year.


Don’t compare the handheld to the console version , sure it’s not as good as pc, but handheld is fortnite with a PUBG skin


if you dont have mates to play it with/ rather games that you just solo, dont bother.


I recently downloaded Fortnite on the switch as it has released on it. Honestly its pretty good for a bit of fun.


Does anyone have any good info on how I can get a mobile, online game created? My 8yo had what I believe to be a pretty good suggestion for a game that with a bit of tweaking might be worth following a bit further.
Thanks and thanks


I’m enjoying No Man’s Sky, so far.


I’ve given it a go once again after abandoning it 6 months ago. It’s somewhat hooked me again. I’m enjoying the Fleet upgrades and the hunt for modules. Finding a perfect home world though is becoming frustrating. Just when you think you find one, you’re belted with a firestorm every 5 minutes.

I’ll keep looking.


Mafia 3 released for free on psn. If you have a subscription that is.

Great game, very well written but the gameplay can be a little repetitive.

They did a great job of recreating New Orleans.


@benfti 2k prelude drops tomorrow. You can get the mynba2k19 app now.


Actually it’s downloading already. PS4 that is.


Yeah, I’ve already played the first game


How’s it feeling?


Good, I hated 18 even though I played 1200 hours of it. All the bullshit is gone


Do we have any PES fans on this thread -or are you all FIFA scum?


Now that PES has lost the CL rights to FIFA then I think the minuscule PES fansbase will dwindle even further.