Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs




Its annoying (and easily modded back in through community patches) but Im not sure you understand the appeal of PES if you think people played it for a CL-branded menu screen…


I am a FIFA player which I admit, does give me some bias.

However, I did buy PES 2018 last year and did all the patches and yes, I could see the appeal, the graphics are great and the gameplay mechanics are less “arcadey” than what FIFA is but it didn’t take me long to revert back to FIFA after that.

All I’m saying is that, PES suffers a lot through lack of licensing already and taking away their biggest draw in CL, isn’t going to help that, let alone losing it to their biggest competition.

As you said, you can patch/mod it, but I don’t think you’ll find most people would know how / could be bothered with it when you can buy FIFA for the same amount or cheaper and have it all, plus all the online content and everything else + more that PES offers.

Konami makes some great games but he should stick to Metal Gear if you ask me :joy:


I guess for me… I’ve tried to like FIFA and kept giving it a chance every few years… but it is alway the same pedestrian game-play. Predictable, scripted, not requiring any skill and leading to the same 4-5 exploited goals every game. No unique feeling to any match, no momentum shifts, excitement or unpredictable play. Just robotic-like and every game feels exactly the same.

PES starts out clunky for the new player - but the gameplay goes deep, you have to be really creative to score goals on higher difficulties, beautiful goals require actual skill leading to fist-pumping satisfaction when you pull it off, unpredictable moments and games that have real flow and emotion to them. Ultimately PES has soul - and FIFA is just dull underneath all the licences, online extras and general flash.

If you are a casual gamer - FIFA is the go… but if you want to go deep and actually be rewarded for skill… PES kills it. Unfortunately, it’s all the lack of extra’s that is letting it down at the moment, but FIFA’s extras are no good if the game is too boring.

It took me a while to ‘get it’ when I made the PES plunge (reluctantly only after repeated FIFA disappointment), but it is worth it. Just takes FIFA players a while to convert…


Fair enough.

I’m sure I’ll give it another go at some stage.

For graphics and in-game realism I think it is much better than FIFA.

Each to their own.


Played Spider-Man all weekend. im about 50% done. want to get the Plat for it. having a great time


Katamari Damacy for Switch. Ohhhh MYYYY


I’ll confess straight up, it’s been years since I did any serious gaming. I used to play Team Fortress 2 and COD but life, kids and apathy have taken over since then. My son has just turned 10 and is bugging me to get a gaming console (we have a Wii somewhere that isn’t even plugged in) so I figured it’s time to get one as I can use it to store tv/movies/etc that the internet has kindly ‘given’ me, as well as having a blu-ray player. I currently have a smart 4K TV connected to an Optus Fetch TV box.

What recommendations can you learned nerds give me? X-Box? Playstation whatever? Nintendo 64? Atari? Are games cheaper for one rather than other? Are all games available across all platforms? Memory sizes?


PS4 and Xbox One are virtually the same with regards to games (except exclusives like Forza or GT Sport) and costs. If you are using ‘free’ downloads then both will be able to either stream it from your pc (using something like universal media server) or simple copy it to an external hard drive or usb stick.

Nintendo has a lot more exclusives like Mario etc… but doesn’t really do all the extras like dlna and stuff like that. Nintendo games are still pretty expensive. You may also need to buy more memory cards. New version of the switch coming next year.

PS4 is the only one that does VR.

Online is pretty big these days. Ask your son what his friends have to ensure best cross connectivity. Most games still won’t work ps4 vs xbox. So if all his friends have a PS then get a PS.


Not mch difference besides Bloodborne, God of War, Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Until Dawn, The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2, Street Fighter 5, and Detroit: Become Human


All games I don’t play :smiley:


Man youve gotta at least try God of War. it will blow you away


FIFA19 is pretty awesome. Not much of a gamer though the slight upgrades on 2018 are good. For someone who isn’t mad on the world game it just has such excellent game play.

My 6 year old and I have smashed it a little whilst I’m in parental leave.


PS4 pro, no brainer. It has the best exclusive to console games.


Looks like most of Furious Jnr’s mates (and dads) have PS4s, so looks like that’s the way to go.


Lead up to Christmas. Best time to get a great deal!


I’ve got both and I love uncharted and Spider-Man is excellent,

But I do find myself playing the Xbox more.

Mainly because it’s an X and my ps4 is an OG. But PUBG is a pretty damn good exclusive for Xbox.

I feel like server/multiplayer games are more stable on Xbox as well.


PUBG is gettin a ps4 release too.

Also ps4 VR is a very good budget headset


PSVR is undervalued.

Watching the NBA finals on VR from courtside was awesome.


Got home this arvo and my wife gave me my birthday present. What an awesome woman…