Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs


If only the bullets were milk chocolate.


I don’t think we could ever be friends. You’re a monster.


Bought a Switch for my 6yo, he was loving Mario Odyssey at first but now we are both hooked on Zelda: BOTW.

It’s really fun, kind of like Skyrim for kids. Lots of exploration and finding stuff and meeting people and getting missions etc. Lots of side missions and fighting monsters for treasure, and different kinds of weapons and potions.

Also lots of puzzles and problem solving, and often more than 1 way to get the job done.

Funny how I’ll get stuck on something and my son comes up with a crazy idea that just happens to work…



I’d love to try this - is it through the NBA league pass subscription?


Free ps4 app.

Can’t think of what it’s called. I’ll check next time I’m there.


U all have Xbox and or PS4?


Red Dead Redemption 2 out soon. It looks siiick


I must admit the new COD is probably the best Activision has released since MW2.

Blackout in particular is an absolute standout and we finally get a battle royal game with AAA polish!


I finally my PS4 set up last night and after waiting ages for updates and downloads, etc, finally got the new COD game going. Only problem is that on the screen where you can choose between multiplayer, blackout and zombies, the blackout option is locked. How do I unlock this?


Just guessing (don’t have the new COD), but you don’t have ps plus? It’s needed for most online gaming.


Yep Davo would be correct.

All multiplayer games require PS Plus. Its a little bit of money$80 p.a.

For this you not only get to use the multiplayer you also get access to free games each month. Its normally 2 and 1 of them will be a good but older title the other and indie title. Good way for a kid to expand their game library without needing to purchase games.


Ok, thanks. The missus is going to love me telling her I have to pay another $80!


You can get a free trail I think.


thats right. there should be a 1 month trial card that came with the PS4


By the way ps4 plus has free monthly games. Some really good stuff.


Yeah, I’m super impressed with blackout, I actually had my concerns that it would not be cod but they have managed to get it to feel like a cod game but as a battle royal.

I love it


Red Dead Redemption 2… 2 discs and 3gb patch on download. Taken 45 minutes to get patch downloaded and half the game to copy its data over.


Yeah took around 60 minutes in total on my ps4 pro. Crazy!


Any thoughts on it so far??