Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs

You’d want to see the fine print on the 10 year access. Does it have some sort of quality and performance guarantee? Release window compared to xbox? Post launch support and patches?

I’m part of the 55% of PlayStation owners so I don’t actually care about this deal all that much. More about what it means going forward.

If they’re locked in for 10 years then there’s incentive for them to actually keep it patched and up to par - otherwise people will stop buying/playing it, leading to profit loss, but Activision won’t be able to stop development because of the deal.

Microsoft actually offered the same deal to Valve and their response was essentially “lol no why would we need that”

The other 45% of PlayStation owners who play CoD might feel differently if they believe they are are missing out somehow?

I’m very sure they do feel differently and I can understand why they would be very annoyed at this prospect.

It’s Activision Blizzard they’re trying to buy, so also all of the games in Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, etc. Plus King’s included, so they’ll also get a lazy billion a year from Candy Crush.

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I generally like the ‘non-handholding’ element (and obnoxious hand-holding was a big reason why I couldn’t get through Horizon Zero Dawn) - I think what pushes me too far with the Fromsoft quests is when the NPC you need to speak to in order to progress the quest moves, without any foreshadowing or clues, to an area that you have already cleared and have no reason to return to - meaning you basically would never find them unless you happened to just to be travelling through a completed area for no reason.

Also, the instant fails for doing things out of order are quite irritating to, like travelling to an area too early with no foreshadowing that doing so will screw the quest.

i like the cryptic nature - just give us a damn chance though to work it out without reddit.


COD is extremely important to Sony, which is why they’re going so hard in the paint to stop this.

The UK government released both (Sony, Microsoft) company submissions on the matter.

Available here under Responses to the Issues Statement

pdf’s dated 23 November 2022

I’ve skimmed the Sony one (it’s only 20ish pages long).

i’ve got a Series X and a PS5 (and a switch), game pass is so much better than PS+ but you need to use it to get the value out of it.

My son plays heaps of the the game pass games so it’s good value there.

But if COD goes on it, and all the back catalogue with it, i’ll probably use it a lot more.

Sony pretending that last gen we didn’t get new COD content a month before xbox :joy:

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about the back and forth on this is the difference in tone the companies have compared to their PR.

Sony’s constantly banging on about “Our epic single player experiences that can only be experienced with the power of PlayStation are what differentiates our artistic vision from our microtransaction and service obsessed rivals.” Now all of a sudden it’s “No, look, for real though, our single player games aren’t worth anything to anyone, we need that CoD money or we’re completely ■■■■■■. Like, C O M P L E T E L Y ■■■■■■.”

And Microsoft go from their chest beating “We’re a powerhouse of technology, with 25 million game pass subscribers, if you’re serious about gaming, you need to be with XBox.” to “We’re just a itty bitty little gaming company, this will barely make us the number three platform, we’re just a little guy doing his best in a big world, pwaystation is so mean and scawy.”

I think the funniest outcome (not the best, just the funniest) would be the merger gets blocked and MS dumps a pile of cash on Activision to get CoD console exclusivity just to be petty.

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Whoever buys Activision, please fix the current Modern Warfare 2. I am getting crashes on PC every couple of games and it’s so frustrating.

I’m not surprised by MS being mostly subscription. They bought developers to push game pass and have acknowledged that as the main reason for Bethesda.

I’m buying a switch for mysel… I mean my daughter for Christmas… any lesser known games I should look at?

Bayonetta 1,2 & 3
Metroid Dread
Monster Hunter Series

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Not sure about “lesser known” and a lot of these are available on other platforms so you might have played them already.

Stardew Valley
Hollow Knight
Guacamelee 1 & 2
Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Sparks of Hope

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End of discussion, will ruin your life, it’s crack in video game form.


Steam says 1000+ hours for me…

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Love it :joy:

If you like deck builders I’d also recommend Slay the Spire and Inscryption. I played both on PS but both are on Switch. I didn’t know I liked deck builders until I got StS free on PS Plus. I’ve put over 200 hours into it.

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was a space quest too wasn’t there. does bring back memories … now i’m gonna go see if i can find any

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