Gaming Thread - PM Polydeukes your Gaming IDs

Anyone game enough to post their 2022 gamer wrap ups?

Don’t judge me please. Batman and Uncharted are multiple games counted as one which is a bit misleading.

exactly! you i’ve by the sword (exclusives) you need to be prepared to die by the sword, big companies buying exclusives :joy:

My wrap up doesn’t have Elden Ring on it despite me having a 150hr character (original blind playthrough) and a 60hr pure co op character on it…

The other ones kinda make sense but a strange omission.

EDIT: Yeah it’s missing several games for me.

The Jedi Survivor Deluxe edition is weird. I don’t plan to get it but I’m just confused. I know it’s not a new concept for physical to be cheaper than digital especially for new games, but usually the RRP is the same for both. But sellers like Amazon and JB sell the physical for below RRP.

For Jedi Survivor the RRP for physical is $119.95 and for digital it’s $139.95. No difference that I can tell. The standard edition has the same RRP for physical and digital. It’s made even worse because all the deluxe edition contains is 6 extra skins. So for digital it’s $109.95 for standard and an extra $30 for 6 skins in the deluxe.

I feel like I’m missing something.

Imagine spending $120 on a video game.

Digital is always higher to subsidise the existence of physical stores, because without the price difference they would go extinct

Console MSRP prices just got raised again too I think

Actual cost to consumer yes, RRP no. I’ve not seen any game where the RRP for digital is more than physical.

Does anyone play Ark on xbox or pc?

Anyone excited for the Hogwarts Legacy game?

Have it pre-ordered with Amazon so I am able to cancel if the reviews aren’t good. I’m not super excited about another open world game if I’m being honest but also I bought a PS5 to cure my FOMO so if its good I’m going to play it with the rest of the world :smile:

I’ve finished 8 games this year, most of which I’d already started and I’m avoiding starting anything big in the next week.

It looks good. Early signs are promising but I’m in the midst of Cyberpunk 2077 and really enjoying it. Then I’ll be all in with Jedi Survivor…the Potterverse might have to wait a bit!