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apparently exclusives are only a bad thing when it’s not sony

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Its a fantastic Expansion. The update to every facet the game is pretty mind blowing. combat, skill trees, driving, weapons all updated and feel great. The choices provided for every mission are a step up from the base game. its a lot more nerve wracking making a decision, and you cant really guess where the story is going to go. Ive played through it once, but going through it again. to check out the 2nd ending choice. Ive still got a few endings left in the base game to unlock as well. My first character was an absolute simp for Panam.

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I beat the story the with a male V when the game fist launched chose the street kid life path

My second playthrough did the same expect I used a female v had a relationship with River Ward really liked his questline.

Managed to get 3 out of the 4 endings for Phantom Liberty I think. All I did was launched a previous save before you make the choice to side with Reed or not haha

The new base game ending for Cyberpunk if you side with Reed is depressing I feel like it’s the real ending

But yeah Phantom Liberty is the best expansion I’ve ever played.

Steam Winter Sale is now on


I don’t follow consoles much but chasing 8K rather than higher fps or other aspects of visual quality seems like an unusual choice. Or perhaps that’s simply chosen as a capability for a headline, rather than the choice most games will make.

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I’d imagine the casual couch gamer doesn’t care about 60 fps vs 120 fps or the odd frame drop, as long as the game looks good for 80% of the time

Fps makes all the difference to me, but I think a lot of people don’t really notice. Plus there’s the history of TVs always being marketed based on their resolution, so people are used to the terminology. Even non-tech people can probably grasp “4K = clear image, 8K = double clear image”, whereas fps has rarely been marketed in the mainstream so it doesn’t really mean anything to most people.

I’d prefer 1080p120 fps over 4k60fps but that doesn’t seem to be a common opinion.


Imo I think anyone is more likely to notice a high fps feel over a lower fps feel than they would the improvement 8K would provide over 4K. But I think I’m just quibbling over a headline chosen by a journalist because it is a nice easy number that represents the lift in capability.

I agree that it is a marketing choice because 8K is a nice simple number that tells everyone “twice as good”. Pretty sure many a game will make a different choice.

60 fps has to be a bare minimum. 4k v 8k is neither here nor there for me.

I think the paradigm around graphics has changed a bit in recent times. I feel generally seamless play and short load times has a greater precedence than higher fidelity, which I am pretty comfortable with.

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I’m really happy about this, i can’t stress this enough to the PS5 guys, Sea of Thieves is an amazing game it’s great you guys will get to play it


Hanging for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Good news. This exclusivity buIIshit needs to die in a fire forever and let everyone play with everyone

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Anyone played helldivers 2. It’s crazy fun.


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Was hoping for indiana Jones to cross over but looks like it wont happen.

I dont want to buy an xbox just for that game

I’d be interested in a gears trilogy remaster/remake. Otherwise they have nothing that interests me.

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probably rose tinted glasses but there was something special about gears 1 competitive

I dont want anymore remakes. They never capture the magic of the original at the time.