Garry Shandling died from heart attack

From time to time celebrities die and you think “oh yeah, that guy, I vaguely remember him”.
And for me, it seems, as one who is not caught up in the celebrity ‘thing’ so much, I am rarely actually moved by such news.
That might make me sound callous. But you know, people die, and for someone I don’t know, well, they were going to die some time.
But Garry Shandling’s passing makes me sad.
I used to watch his show with my dad.
It was fantastic, the whole thing was making fun of TV shows.
From the theme song to the way everyone looked into the camera like they knew this was a TV show.
Then he did Larry Sanders, which again, was ground breaking in its format and style.
In an era when the American TV we received was formulaic and, to me, dull, he was a shining light.
He was like an in-joke that you could share with others you met that liked his style of comedy.
And now he’s gone. The world is not as much fun today as it was yesterday.

I was just watching Larry Sanders again recently. Brilliant show, holds up really well.

That’s no good.

Larry sanders was one of my favourite TV shows of all time. Sad day.