Gather Round - General discussion

It’s a cool idea.
All the teams playing in one city for a round.
WA and NSW assumed it would be them because of course they did.

Good on SA.
I like the idea of a neutral venue, and Adelaide is a great city.
To a point.

I hope Isla doesn’t make it horrible, but…

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Just a bit of tokenism… staying onside with SAGOV after GP moved to city with electricity

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LIV golf!

Who cares about losing the F1 when you’ve got LIV golf coming to town!


Dude, that was twenty (thirty?) years ago.
Brisbane has the Friggin’ Olympics.
Let’s not get too silly.


So you’re saying lots of injuries for the Pies?

I see no problem.


Ho ho ho

Will be interesting to see the crowd for our game. It’s ‘sold out’ but you can only get tickets for the full-double header including our game and Port v Dogs. I suspect lots of the tickets were bought by Port fans.

There is an hour between the two games, I suspect many Port will turn up halfway through our game and be half interested. There could be a very weird vibe.


Yah its lifted from the NRL who lifted it from the UK.

The NRLs one is always played in Brisbane I think(although perhaps they did it in newcastle once….)

Its South Australia. Isnt there always a pretty weird vibe :wink:


It’s a wank. If they must have a gather round then FFS play it somewhere relevant - not in moronsville.

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Hey morons have feelings too!!

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People talking about giving Tasmania a team and sooking about nine games in Adelaide.


Aaaaanyway, the Essendon vs Melbourne game is at serious risk of being played in torrential rain.

If there is torrential rain we are done. Wont be backing us for an upset

That will be chaos at the freeway exit won’t it? Feels like Mt Barker already has that “we’ve built a million new houses, but there’s still only one road out” situation going on…?

No. I mean…

The sort where you go…’oh! They moved the ball fifteen metres that way!’


Is it going to be in Adelaide every year??

highest bidder

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I suspect quite a few will also be more than half drunk. Could be a very weird vibe.

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