Gauging interest in Friday night football

Only full game i can find on YT vs Sydney is 2001

2009 vs Hawthorn, and not Round 2, 2015? (Hooker’s goal to win the match)

Also, this is an awesome idea.

Also on YT is Bomberblitz93 and 2000

Wow Rare Essendonfc Videos is a gold mine. That page should see us through 2 months if we do this.

I move that the bye is Bomberblitz93 and 2000

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Yes. Glorious. I remember that last quarter of Hurley’s vividly. Thought we had our Lloyd replacemet. Made me feel a bit better that Lloyd had most likely playee his last game

Sigh, makes me feel old.

What ive found on Youtube full match vs Sydney

01 as posted earlier

1982 (1 goal win away)

1996 (draw)

1985 (87 point rinsing at the SCG, salmon with 7)

2007 (some sydney pelican hits a post with lots of padding)

1998 (misses the first few mins but full game there after but an mcg rinsing for the swans)

Maybe @Allblack could do a poll on the OP and we watch the winner?

Im more than happy to be the researcher each week and dig up full games on YT (as i think thats the easiest for everyone to access). I’ve already found some gems for later in the shutdown.


Oh yes!
1998 vs Sydney. Scotty Lucas banging them home from outside 50!
I remember that game.

That game has my vote. Rinsed them at the G on a Friday night and since we dont rinse Sydney often.

I’ll start fapping when Scotty Lucas drills them from 50 while “LUCAS FROM THE PAINT, OH BABY” runs through my head.

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Also @Diggers is banner from nominating this week.

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Great idea.

1984 Sterling cup pre-season grand final is also on YouTube.
Bit one sided but has all the legends.
TD ko’s a swan in 1st minute. Capper goes down too!

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You’re a legend

I liked Essendon back then.

Man, it’s hard to believe S Lucas was just coming into his prime 22 years ago.

I’d be up for it, it’s a great idea Allblack.

I’ll get a separate thread going each week with a poll. Probley easier :slight_smile: great idea again

You want to stay a thread now? Go for it. Love your research

Done, thread for this week with poll open

Jamie Siddons, he of more prominent cricket success was the one ko’d.

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I understand @Heather_Mills is looking for one of those, …

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Head here

I smoked Sterlings for a while there. I was a bit of a dandy back then.

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