General admission Etihad ess v Melb

Can anyone help? Going to the footy today and am wondering about the arrangements.
I have general admission membership - no reserved seat.
Do I have to get an allocated seat on arrival, or can I just walk up and go to the designated general admission section?

You should be able to rock up and sit in the GA area. But im not 100% sure

Yep, just scan in.

Worst scenario is there are no GA seats left, but that’s unlikely and there will be plenty of empty seats in other areas you can sneak into.
Often when I’ve reserved seats at games like these I’ve ended up moving to empty seats 20 rows in front.

Today will be pretty big crowd imo

Good time for families / Sunday game /sides both vying for 8 still etc…

I’d get there early n soak in the atmos

Thanks for that info guys.
Much appreciated. Go Bombers!

Is there a map available of where the GA areas actually are?

Others may already know this, but I only learnt this week that the club isn’t doing the membership seat re-sale thing this year…the take-up was low last year, and it took quite a lot of effort.

Just means that unattended members seats become sterilised.

Just learnt that there will be GA seats available all around the back of Level 3. Just first in best dressed in terms of angle.

We have reserved seats for home games and get an email the week of the game to remind us that we can pass on our seats if we’re not going to use them and offering help to do this. It’s a great initiative.