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Saints are cooked. Zero wins with seven rounds left, and now Hannah Stuart has done an ACL.

  • Further 29 per cent pay uplift for AFLW players effective immediately.
  • AFLW season length to increase to 12 rounds in 2025, potentially 14 rounds in 2027.
  • AFLW players will receive increased certainty with 12-month contracts implemented, and the ability to sign multi-year contracts – the same as the men’s AFL competition.
  • A world leading 12-month pregnancy policy, commencing from six weeks before a player’s due date, will be immediately introduced as will increased investment into player support and welfare.

After an historic 94 per cent pay increase in 2022, all AFLW players will now receive an additional 29 per cent uplift for the current 2023 NAB AFLW Season.

The average AFLW Player pay will immediately increase from $46,000 to $60,000 in 2023, then up to $82,000 by 2027.

Under the revised CBA, it is estimated that more than 90 of the top AFLW players will be paid more than $100,000 for the 2023 season (inclusive of ASA’s) – up from 40 players last season (Season Seven) and 12 players in Season Six.

The five-year deal will see a total AFLW player payment uplift of 77 per cent by 2027 across all 540 players – the largest total investment in women’s sport of any domestic league.

All up the combined AFL and AFLW agreement will see players receive 31.7 per cent of all assessable football revenue.

Player relocation and travel benefits will be now equitable for both AFL and AFLW players who relocate states.

The AFLW season length will also increase with the NAB AFLW season expanding to 12 home and away rounds by 2025, and potentially 14 home and away rounds during the term of the deal, based on achievement of key audience metrics.

The key audience metrics will be modelled off metrics achieved in the Season Two (2018) which at its most basic level saw on average 6,000 fans a game and 100,000 broadcast viewers. The AFL and AFLPA will now work together on executing an accelerated marketing plan designed to build greater support for the AFLW competition.

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Someone could have written this sentence better. They must hate Jess more than the VFLW umps!

The news on the injury front is less positive for Collingwood, however, naming train-on player Jess Bates in its extended squad for Sunday’s match against St Kilda.

I think she has replaced Imogen Barnett, who was injured in round two. The Pies have no outs to otherwise explain the sentence above.

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Good that the season is going to be longer.
Hopefully they sort out when the season will be played.
It’s a nightmare for those not selected in the senior team because there’s no other comps to fall back to.
VFLW at least have EDFL, but AFLW have nothing.
So I have no idea how players handle their conditioning when not selected.

It really needs to be more aligned with VFLW.

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No headline change to squad sizes, either. 30 is a silly small number, and they are leaning on free (?) train-on players to cover that.

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EFC needs to get on their bike and scour Irish talent which have proven a success in the AFLW - This is pertinent because it will be hard for the expansion teams to jump to the top level only relying on draft selections and players swapping clubs - They need to find greener pastures.

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How many other teams have Irish players? And how many do they have?
Doonan is Irish. Marshall is Canadian.
At VFLW level Meg Ryan is Irish. Kendra is Canadian (but she’s retired).
Not sure we’ll jump heavily into the overseas player type. We’re only into our second year of the comp so it looks like we’re trying to put together a team that works well for each other and the VFLW is a big part of that.
The connection between our AFLW and VFLW is definitely a strength of ours. I’m not sure other teams have that.

The thirty-three Irish players confirmed for the 2023 season are as follows:

Niamh Kelly (Adelaide Crows / Mayo)
Yvonne Bonner (Adelaide Crows / Donegal)

Orla O’Dywer (Brisbane Lions / Tipperary)
Jennifer Dunne (Brisbane Lions / Dublin)

Dayna Finn (Carlton / Mayo)
Erone Fitzpatrick (Carlton / Laois)

Sarah Rowe (Collingwood / Mayo)
Aishling Sheridan (Collingwood / Cavan)

Joanne Doonan (Essendon / Fermanagh)

Amy Mulholland (Fremantle / Armagh)
Joanne Cregg (Fremantle / Roscommon)
Áine Tighe (Fremantle / Leitrim)
Orlagh Lally (Fremantle / Meath)

Rachel Kearns (Geelong Cats / Mayo)
Aishling Moloney (Geelong Cats / Tipperary)
Anna Rose Kennedy (Geelong Cats / Tipperary)

Niamh McLaughlin (Gold Coast Suns / Donegal)
Clara Fitzpatrick (Gold Coast Suns / Down)
Cara McCrossan (Gold Coast Suns / Tyrone)

Aileen Gilroy (Hawthorn / Mayo)
Áine McDonagh (Hawthorn / Galway)

Bláithín Mackin (Melbourne Demons / Armagh)
Aimee Mackin (Melbourne Demons / Armagh)
Sinéad Goldrick (Melbourne Demons / Dublin)

Niamh Martin (North Melbourne Kangaroos / Tipperary)
Ailish Considine (North Melbourne Kangaroos / Clare)
Erika O’Shea (North Melbourne Kangaroos / Cork)

Grace Kelly (St Kilda / Mayo)

Tanya Kennedy (Sydney Swans / Donegal)
Paris McCarthy (Sydney Swans / Kerry)
Julie O’Sullivan (Sydney Swans / Kerry)
Jennifer Higgins (Sydney Swans / Roscommon)

Aisling McCarthy (West Coast Eagles / Tipperary)

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Sorted the above by teams. 4 clubs not represented.

Marshall is American



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Talking of the Irish… first episode drops on Wednesday.


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Hopefully we’ll win and be a game and percentage ahead of Richmond after tomorrow. Note that the below model is assuming we lose and the Tiggers win (they are 7 points down with 5 minutes left).

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