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The guys story.

a woman got shot by accident, then the only witness, came at him with a knife and the witness fell on that knife.

So he destroyed all the evidence, over a series of months.

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They are evolving

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Belongs in the journalism-is-dead thread.


The Yanks will eat this up.

Police seize over $41m worth of cannabis in raid on property west of Brisbane | ABC News


World’s largest cannabis farm stationed in Queensland | 9 News Australia

Better to switch from opioids to cannaboids where possible.

Less addictive pain relief afaik?

Between this and the poppy farms in Tassie(?) id say we would be a reliable conflict free source for big pharma?

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Yes, and it is a big market but there is still a lot of speculation and uncertainty. There needs to be further legal reform to open it up. Some further research shows that the Toowoomba project headlined by that Channel nine video from three years ago was stalled or never went through (maybe because of effects of the Covid pandemic) and fell off the public radar. Meanwhile Illegal Cannabis production for recreational drug use has gone through the roof.

Surely theres data now on levels of THC of whatever it is to minimize risk of psychosis and other such side effects of dope smoking.(impairment for driving etc)

Ie so it can be legalised to the point people know whats in a standard “drink” of a joint?

Then simply sold alongside cigarettes unmarked behind the counter.


Given the new (and stupid IMO) vaping laws, I’d be very surprised if that happens any time soon.


No because it is at the level of the user not the product. That is, user genetics will determine risk of adverse events. There is only one lab in the world that can do these analyses and they haven’t looked at this issue yet.

Isnt that the same for alcohol?


It’s at the point now with legal marijuana that it’s at dispensary level with the pharmacy.
They are making it easier and easier and now appointments are done free on Medicare

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Yeah is that for cbd levels at a painkiller? That must be well resourced.

Im talking about THC for the high to enjoy, treating anxiety/depression etc.

Ie people understand whats one standard drink of alcohol and from experience what effect that has on them. It can also be used as a fairly rough guide for blood alcohol levels for impairment to do tasks.(ie drive a vehicle < 0.05)

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It’s for thc my brother literally just got it today and by the sounds of it they hand it out like candy.
I agree with the should be legal and somehow work out a safe limit to drive I dare say the person who comes up with that test would be sitting on a gold mine.
On a side note I’d love to know the stats behind accidents on weed compared to alcohol and meth.

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Even if the limit is still zero for driving doesnr matter.

Just a standard strength light middie full strength so people can understand what its like when they buy, Maybe it already exists.

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Two Russian-born Australian citizens have been accused of obtaining Australian Defence Force material to share with Russian authorities.

Australian Federal Police arrested a 40-year-old woman, who is an ADF army private, and a 62-year-old man at their home in Brisbane in Everton Park yesterday morning.

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Not sure if this pertains to the Lehrmann-Higgins case, but considering Ben McDevitt was an AFP officer, it’s not surprising. They still seem to have elements of the jackbooted thug for the LNP there.

Excluding @Heffsgirl of course. Must have been a fish out of water.

Thanks @Alan_Noonan_10 . I worked with many outstanding officers. We genuinely were dedicated to serving the community.

Unfortunately, like most organisations there are those whose values don’t align with the mission. It’s especially concerning in policing when we rely on public trust.

The case above and broader commentary on the AFP is for others, but I don’t regret my time and commend the many great officers doing their best to serve the community.