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Again it shows you don’t understand the difference between the two.

Joyce was a flog, acted like a flog, kept acting like a flog, and then ran away when the heat came whilst continuing to act like a flog. The media came after him for it for good reason.

Kelly faced the media repeatedly, answered all questions and fronted a senate committee with class.

While she rightly falls on her sword, at no stage did she carry on like Joyce and the media know it.


I think your echoing the outrage in the media.

I think Bayer Rosmarin is a flog. She should have resigned on that data leak 6 months ago. Arrogant to stay on. And to what only resign to give them clear air?

She’s incompetent as a telco ceo.

■■■■ on Joyce but the blokes a genuine excellent airline CEO.

Will run another airline if he wants too and there will be a queue for his services.

lol you do a lot of “thinking” about things

Stop dribbling about things you know nothing about. But you will so i will leave you to your “I think” stuff.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has been given incredible latitude to stay on. Thats fairly obvious.

What i find bemusing is like yourself theres so many people thinking shes done the right thing. Her resigning is way overdue.

Alan Joyce copped the ire of customers, but millions of Australians will still fly Qantas and pay for the privilege.

Millions will buy overpriced crap from Harvey too, because they’re simple minded and think they owe loyalty to the good old Aussie brands. Or just too lazy to do any research. Plus Qantas got rid of the little gay leprechaun so it’s all good bra, Jetstar for the ‘cheap’ win.

I am not sure why a CEO has to resign when actually both the problems are Optus were not a result of her action or inaction. The idea that as CEO she must be responsible is an archaic concept. Equipment failure and Hackers are shithappens.

COVID was not Joyce’s making either, and his record of running QANTAS was good. His practices in treatment of staff and customers were poor over a long period, and he was an unlikable little toad.

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I posted way up above that she probably could have saved her bacon with better communication. In both incidents.

And on responsibility the CEO should be green lighting significant expenditure in both areas given the nature of the business - her appropriate MD should be asking for that after he/she has briefed the CEO.

Her core business was down for half a day on something that just shouldn’t happen in any well run telecom. It wasn’t a hack, a routine software update. Other telecommunication companies likely would have had exactly the same update and managed it appropriately.

Optus has had 2 catastrophic failures with regards to providing their service to their clients as well as regulatory obligations. If under her watch they didn’t practically improve her position is untenable the whole people of a ceo is to be paid millions to be ultimately responsible for the failings of the company. I’m sure she’ll well into her million dollar payout.

So how is that the fault of a CEO.

didn’t affect me

How geriatric boomer of you


I disagree with you here. CEO’s are paid big money to be the face of the company and responsible for setting the corporate culture and practices. They are a communications company and what should be their core business is what failed them. The processes for maintaining and managing routers is what they do and they fckd that up.

She is the head of the business and she should have gone. So should the CIO.

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are you a customer or have ever been a customer of Optus?

look Kelly Bayer Rosmarin seems like a nice enough person and must be a competent executive to have been given the job in the first place. I do think the industry she is in must need better regulation otherwise the incidents wouldn’t have occurred.

But lack of regulation, she should be calling for this as a good corporate citizen so that all the telcos don’t run on the smell of an oily rag to simply maximise short term shareholder value at the expense of the public.

Regulation would have meant she could have said look yes we need to spend X million on cyber security to have Y in place and we need to spend this on our network to ensure it is stable. It would have saved her bacon.

I am surprised they don’t ask for it. Maybe they do…Raises the barrier of entry into the market which in turn can lead to greater profit.

Have been an Optus mobile customer for but when we moved our factory, the area have no Optus coverage so I moved to Telstra. Mrs Fox is still on Optus and didn’t notice the outage at all.

Your private data then is likely all over the dark web.

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Sorry but I do not care at all. If someone wants to steal my identity then they can have it and all the ex-wives !!


My neighbour has just had her identity stolen.

Shes locked out of all her email, and is aware so far of thieves buying multiple phones, devices etc.

And petty theft is minor.

Wait until they use your identity to take out loans against your assets.

Its not a laughing matter.

The optus breach cost the public millions.

Personally I had to reissue my drivers licence. And Optus have never made it simple to get any sort of refund for it.

And i hadnt been a customer of theirs for 10 years

Nah ■■■■ them. And ■■■■ their executive for not taking the issue seriously enough.


Penny Wong announces that 120 Australian citizens, PRs and their families have been evacuated from Gaza to date.
860 visas have been granted to Palestinians with family or other connections here. The visas are from 3 to 12 months. The trick will be to get them out from Gaza.
Around 1700 visas have been granted to Israelis


20-30 media packed out the front of her house day and night and harassing her husband and kids. Now only 1 of them left since she resigned.

BTW the media narrative that we were not providing updates and information was shot down at the senate committee. Optus provided a list of who spoke to whom and when and what info was given. Most of the media seemed to ignore the info and run with their own stuff.

Optus has the highest paid techs in the industry, some of the best names in the industry and spend a lot of money on security.

Optus is receiving, daily, calls from both Aus and overseas from all sorts of telco companies seeking to understand what happened and how we fixed it so that they can fix their systems and not have the same issue. Cisco and Nokia are scrambling to fix the issue on their end as it was their routers that shut down.