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Nah…I’m not…I just get sick of your efforts to appear all moderate but you’re quick to jump in when you see a chance to be all sanctimonious.

You have no idea what has happened here…just like me…but unlike me, you’re not prepared to wait for the full story before becoming all righteous and indignant.

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Feel free to block me. You realise IT and Alex took a similar position………take it up with Chris Minns ……his NSW Labor Government made the decision to ban the number plate

It’s 95% clickbait.

I can confirm for you that this person registered those number plates in support of Palestinians and to celebrate what happened on that date. The person themselves has confirmed it.


Cheers mate…thanks for providing actual details rather than just opinion.

Thousands go missing every year, and some are never heard of again.

Yes, in a huge variety of circumstances. And the great majority are reported missing before returning home a short time later.

I think it is the circumstances around this one that is drawing so much attention, it is very unusual.

Not at all something that happens everyday.

Most are people disengaged from family over time who are reported missing when attempts at contact are unsuccessful. The sudden dissapearances are the ones that get the publicity and don’t happen everyday.

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Lex Lasry hangs ‘em up.

He will be missed.


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I have been following that for a while. Amazing to me that it is taking them so long to discover just who along the supply chain put asbestos into mulch and why.

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Horrible stuff, that asbestos. My uncle was riddled with it and died of mesothelioma.

It took four days to cremate him.


Jokes aside, my uncle died of it too, and it is a horrible way to go.


What a pos scumbag rot in jail ya ■■■■

Goodness me

What are you, the asbestos joke Nazi?

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