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Unfortunately it looks like he will survive


Deleted, covered in the Russia thread already

After some prodding and shooting of a gendarme, the French Givernment has declared a state of emergency.
And it has banned TikTok!

You remember when I posted this 11 days ago?

Well, that post was referring to a time long ago, when some visionary had implemented a national health scheme for all Australians.

The low life that next came to office changed it, and brought back an ever incrementally expanding private health component.

How’s that working out for ya?

That same bastard political party later brought in a tax penalty to try force all the socialist swine into the capitalist, mega money-making, private health sector. Blackmailing ■■■■■.

How’s that working out for ya?

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The French Minister responsible for the interior and Overseas Depts and Territories has accused Azerbaijan of inciting unrest in New Caledonia. Accusations have also been made in the Senate.
Seems the local Congress recently signed a Cooperation Agreement with Azerbaijan, which also has some presence in French Polynesia and the Caribbean.
France has supported Armenia in its conflicts with Azerbaijan and has a sizeable Armenian population .


France is sending a thousand extra troops to New Caledonia.
Australia and France have a defence cooperation agreement allowing the transit of military through their countries.

The joy of a free market capitalist democracy.

You can argue all you like about the actions of Governments but they were freely elected by popular vote with a known policy agenda.

Sometimes change of Government is rational and obvious, but other times it is just perception.

Gough did three years of great progress with so many wonderful initiatives and then allowed his Government to fall on the perception it was out of control. Yep bad press but the good policy was still flowing. Another three or six years would have consolidated the gains, but Fraser took us backwards. He won three elections, so it was a Voter decision.

Rudd/Gillard/Rudd were good Governments that achieved so much, but again perception they were cooked by stupid antics within Labor Caucus, instead of getting on with it gave us Abbott/Morrison, but again Voters made the decision.

My point is that for all the criticism on Government performances, both Whitlam and Rudd lost for the wrong reasons, and while some will argue that they didn’t get the message out, perhaps Voters only want to listen to the Soap.


The UN’s World Happiness Report Ranks “Socialist Friendly” Countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland & Sweden as Among the Happiest in the World

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I would dispute that any of them are socialist, but more than us I guess

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P&O brings some Australian students from Tanna to Sydney free of charge .
Maybe luck, positioned nearby with a few bunks to spare.

Interestingly, those are probably also amongst the more homogenuous and rich countries in the world. So, depending on the point you want to make, there are a couple of different ways to view that.

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I thought we didn’t allow people fleeing violence to arrive on boats?


I figure most of us here are raised in the material western world of neo liberal capitalism. Where the GDP of a country and past customs and practices defines the living standards. Where keeping up with the Jones’s sees us collecting more and more stuff and using up finite resources.

We are, an all consuming product of our environment.

What are the chances that the country you were born in, is lucky enough to have an abundance in a recourse, or recourses, such as petroleum, gas, minerals, agriculture or something as simple as having water. Things that can relegate your entire life to one of happiness, or misery?

Is having material items a measure of happiness? Is a Kalahari bushman in a mud hut with thatched roof, surrounded by a briared thicket fence to protect from marauding lions happy? I’d guess so. Ignorance is bliss.

The remote tribes in the Amazon? The Sentinelese on their protected island? No material wealth, but are they happy? Probably.

What level of happiness in life was lost with the hunter-gatherers of Australia with the advent of European intervention and the lust for material wealth?

Bhutan, the 153rd poorest country in the world, and yet there’s a lot to be said for the Bhutanese measure of a nation.

Gross National Happiness , (GNH ; Dzongkha: རྒྱལ་ཡོངས་དགའ་སྐྱིད་དཔལ་འཛོམས།) sometimes called Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH ), is a philosophy that guides the government of Bhutan. It includes an index which is used to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population. Gross National Happiness Index is instituted as the goal of the government of Bhutan in the Constitution of Bhutan, enacted on 18 July 2008.[1]


GNH is distinguishable from Gross Domestic Product by valuing collective happiness as the goal of governance, by emphasizing harmony with nature and traditional values as expressed in the 9 domains of happiness and 4 pillars of GNH.[12] According to the Bhutanese government, the four pillars of GNH are:[13]

  1. sustainable and equitable socio-economic development;
  2. environmental conservation;
  3. preservation and promotion of culture; and
  4. good governance.

The nine domains of GNH are psychological well-being, health, time use, education, cultural diversity and resilience, good governance, community vitality, ecological diversity and resilience, and living standards.[14][15][16] Each domain is composed of subjective (survey-based) and objective indicators. The domains weigh equally but the indicators within each domain differ by weight.[17]

“Bhutan has continually been ranked as the happiest country in all of Asia, and the eighth Happiest Country in the world according to Business Week. In 2007, Bhutan had the second fastest growing GDP in the world, at the same time as maintaining their environment and cultural identity.”

What violence?
Their airline collapsed that is all.
There are plenty of Aussies stranded there and on other islands

As to NC I do know someone who is stranded there currently. 3 week vacation and was due to be home this weekend but looking like he will be there for atleast another few days. He reckons there are about 2800 Australians there currently and whilst his hotel is ok as the French guard are now staying there he said he is avoiding Noumea central as that’s where most of the violence and looting is occurring. He said the outskirts are ok except that food rationing is going on and most stores getting very low on stock. His TI won’t cover costs either but luckyily he is well off financially

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Oops… Tanna is in Vanuatu isn’t it? …I was conflating it with New Caledonia!

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Trust he has registered with Australia’s Consulate General in Noumea.

Not looking like getting out in the next few days though. Nothing on the horizon and probably hoping everything peters out and the airport opens next week

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NC government said it has 2 months food stocks, the problem is distribution. The reinforced French gendarmes ( almost doubled in size) are busy removing blockades and some demining.
Gun ownership is a problem, unregistered could outnumber those legally held

The New Cal locals chasing after independence really have to be careful what they wish for. Every other South Pacific country that has achieved independence has a much lower standard of living since the colonial powers left.
I lived for 6 years in the Solomons back in the 90s and travelled extensively through the SP region, including PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu and NC and NC had by far the highest standard of living.
An unfortunate result of independence, which I believe also has happened in Africa and the Caribbean, is that income is not spread more evenly, and that the gap between rich and poor is growing and growing. In the Solomons, a lot of people wanted to get into politics, as that’s where they saw the bribery and corruption from overseas countries going into individual’s pockets. Basically they wanted to be a Polly so they could be rich ; understandable but you would hope in these 3rd world countries that the would be Polly’s would have more admirable intentions.

We were in Vanuatu once for a Christmas Holiday many years ago and there was a massive cyclone that came through and missed Port Vila, and disrupted all travel for about a week, so sadly we were stuck !! I spent every day going to the market in Port Vila buying French Champers for ridiculous low prices and fresh oysters and lobsters, and sitting on the balcony of my over water villa feeling very bad for the rest of the world.