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Has been found dead at sea by the Greek coast guard, seems to have fallen off a cliff.

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Oh fk

Weird that you’d go for a hike in 40C temps, and being a doctor, not taking your phone incase of emergency.
Maybe he collapsed from the heat and fell.
Weird where they found the body next to a fenced off resort, doesn’t look like a fall from a cliff or height. Maybe he just passed out or slipped and knocked his head.
So close to safety too.

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Mad dogs and Englishmen.

Condolences to his family but honestly, wtf Michael.

Nahh, I get it.

When I travel, I do stuff on a whim too. I’ll go fish a lake a bit further away than I planned (nor fully adequately packed/prepared for) just because I’m not getting back there any time soon.

That’s probably what Michael did. He saw a hike/climb, figured if not now he may never get back, and it ended horribly.

It’s a damned shame. He had a knack of making excellent medical docos. It’s a form of TV very hard to make entertaining, scientifically accurate, and easy to understand. He did it with seeming ease.


Repost in the Darwin Award thread

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Add in that instinctive understanding of heat stress isn’t something you’d develop in cooler climates. Even for people who know the theory, you can very easily end up in trouble and once the heat starts to mess with your brain, decision making gets very difficult. Good chance he ended up “heat drunk” and it went tragically wrong from there.

I used to work in central Australia, over confidence in the heat by FIFO workers from cooler climates was basically the number 1 safety risk we had to manage.


The mind boggles

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Really didn’t need this

Oprah’s on Ozempic, I heard.

Some people cop this side effect.

“You get a vomit, you get a diarrhea, you get a vomit, you get a…!!”


Iran gives Macron’s image a helping hand in releasing Frenchman Arnaud from prison, less than a year into his sentence.
Macron thanks Oman for brokering it, hopes held for the remaining three French prisoners in Iran.

Apparently the sudden French election has caused a few far right parties to implode. All parties only have until the weekend to align themselves with other parties to maximize votes.

The president of one such party announced a coalition with another such party, then locked the HQ doors so other party members couldn’t get a forum together to oppose the announcement: Unfortunately he forgot the party secretary also had a key, so they got together and voted to drop him from the party. As you would expect, a dispute has now arisen as to who runs the show :smiley:


In the humanitarian context, while the Anglo MSM focuses on the conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, together with UNSC resolutions, the dire humanitarian crisis in the Sudan Civil War barely gets a look in. Humanitarian aid agencies are prevented from functioning on the ground.
The UNSC has passed a resolution calling for the Sudan Government to lift the siege on Darfour.

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Tin foil hat - could it be nefarious means from someone within the food industry so his book the clever guts diet doesn’t get as much publicity?

The only reason Iran wants to prop up and make macron look good is to counter the right in France. Iran wants macron to remain in power.

Maybe Iran , a pariah State to most of the West, with the US leading the charge, is looking to forge some relationships in Europe.
The politics in the IAEA are ugly, with accusations that Iran is not complying with its special obligations.

That just made my day. Laughing my arse off!!

And maybe, just maybe some countries want to work with Iran in the IAEA framework, keep it in the IAEA, because they see it in their own interests to cooperate, on nuclear issues at least.
There was a lot of work behind the scenes to get the wording right in the latest IAEA resolution on Iran.

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Any country that needs that much work to get the wording right cannot be trusted.