George Pell - dead

Sickening that the likes of Bolt can defend this ■■■■■■■ creep.

And he claimed that some old dude was kissing boys on the lips after class was just a bit ‘eccentric’.

One more down…a few left to go

Probably two reasons

  1. The Church would have crucified him

  2. The Police would asked the Church to crucify him.


By Daily Review March 15, 2017

One of the most talked-about songs in Australia last year has been nominated for the 2017 APRA Song of the Year award.

Comedian and composer Tim Minchin’s Come Home (Cardinal Pell) was released as a charity single in February last year, with proceeds going towards survivors of child sexual abuse in Catholic institutions. The money raised allowed the survivors to fly to Rome to observe Cardinal George Pell giving video evidence to Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

In a video released by APRA, Minchin responded to the nomination, talking about why he wrote the song and how he recorded and released it in the space of three days:

It’s nominated for Song of the Year alongside Amy Shark and M-Phazes’s Adore, Julia Jacklin’s Pool Party, D.D Dumbo’s Satan, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Skeleton Key. The award will be presented in Sydney on Monday April 3.

Minchin’s song has proven to be as controversial as it was popular, with lyrics calling Pell “scum” drawing the ire of conservative commentators such as Andrew Bolt.

Minchin sings: “I want to be transparent here, George: I’m not the greatest fan of your religion, and I personally believe that those who cover up abuse should go to prison. But your ethical hypocrisy, your intellectual vacuity and your arrogance don’t bother me as much as the fact that you have turned out to be such a ■■■■■■■ coward.”

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And Come Home he shall Mr Minchin, … but for far more than we initially wanted him to.

Cardinal George Pell set to be charged with serious sex offences

Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s highest ranking Catholic, is set to be charged with serious sex offences today.

Victoria Police are expected to announce the charges within hours.

There are expected to be up to three serious sex assault charges, including at least one count of rape.

The announcement is set to send shockwaves through the Catholic Church in Australia and around the world.

As Australia has no extradition treaty with the Vatican, Cardinal Pell may avoid prosecution should he choose not to return to Victoria, but he is expected to come back to fight the charges.

Three detectives from Victoria Police’s Sano Taskforce travelled to Rome to interview Cardinal Pell about the allegations last year.

In May this year, Victoria Police received advice from the Department of Public Prosecutions regarding the investigation.

It was the second time the DPP had been asked to review the brief.

On May 25, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said a decision was “imminent” about the investigation into Cardinal Pell.

He has previously been accused of sexually abusing a number of boys.

He has repeatedly and emphatically denied all allegations, but said he would continue to co-operate with the police investigation.

Cardinal Pell was a priest in Ballarat before becoming Archbishop of Melbourne and then being appointed as a Cardinal.

More to come

Police presser stating all the above on now …

Looks like Justice will at last be served. About bl00dy time.

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The Catholic Church will continue pretending that it’s not happening.

Get ready for the Skase excuse. “I’m suddenly really ill again.”

Hopefully this opens the flood gates for a few others in South Western Vic.

Yep. Tip of the iceberg.

It’s times like this I wish there was a hell so that filth like this ■■■■ could rot in it.


So no innocent until proven guilty?

And no I am not defending the guy but I do believe in due process before tarring and feathering, or old school lynchings.


I reckon ding, that if they put him in Barwon, he may find hell.

I never blamed the Catholic Church or Catholics for the evil acts of the scum who raped kids. But this Church, its Leaders and the majority its Members over many generations covered up, ignored and protected the scum. It was my Church, now firmly rejected by me, and it firmly convinced me that there is no God.


You’ll never find much sympathy for Pell, right or wrong, because of his milk toast response to abuse throughout the decades.

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I didn’t say anything about sympathy, I said due process.

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I desperately want him to get full due process and am worried that the reaction to this (as it is a huge talking point) could stop that.

His lawyers have already applied for a suppression order on the amount of victims and amount of charges.

Judge has granted an interim stay, in lieu of a full suppression order hearing on July 6th.

I have heard countless stories of the blackmailing, emotional and psychological abuse, and threats from the whole catholic community towards people that have spoken up about this. Even directed at family members.

Yes, there a some people that are members of the Catholic Church that have condemned this behaviour. But there are many people that have had their head between their a*se, and pathetically targeted the abused victims to protect their faith.

It’s a wicked organisation. That has created a mob mentality against anyone speaking ill of the Catholic Church.


Yes it is