George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


And to think mosques get firebombed in this country, whilst these ■■■■■■■ aren’t.


The church in question has cancelled the pray for Pell day. Amazing to think they thought it was a good idea in the first instance.


Think it’s run mainly as an aged care facility these days with a chapel attached, run by the Siaters of Nazareth. That order copped some complaints of child abuse from the time they ran Camberwell and Wynumm as children’s homes.


I don’t care about any niceties, Pell is a kiddy fiddling carnt, and the sooner the turd is dealt with the better. My only dilemma regarding him is whether to keel haul or draw and quarter.

And whether to televise it.


Why is anyone surprised that a parish wanted to have a prayer day for Pell - I am certain that some clergy and parishioners would have prayed for Pell during mass - Supposedly religion forgives those who have sinned.


Yeah. What the hell is wrong with Peodophile Prayer Day???


Seriously, did you even read that? It’s not “pray for Pell’s salvation, for he has sinned,” it’s “pray for Pell who is innocent and being persecuted by bad people, only we won’t say it quite so bluntly because we might get in trouble”. There is no acknowledgement of the verdict at all, only weaselly talking up of the doubt, and the appeal, and saying ‘things are not always as they seem’, and calling y’know, the frigging LAW OF THE LAND ‘demonisers’ who are ‘quick to judge’ and ‘baying for blood’


Nobody is actually surprised by anything the Catholic Church does anymore, it’s now an expectation.


Former US Cardinal defrocked for child abuse
French Cardinal convicted of child abuse cover up, will appeal, but has offered resignation
Pressure might be on Pell to do the same


I’m glad they cancelled.
I don’t want to see violence over this.
And there would have been.


Reportedly cancelled by order of the archdiocese.
Seems that, apart from Fisher( a Pell protege) the other Archbishops are staying out of it.
A pro Pell article in a Tasmanian Catholic paper was withdrawn


Please pray for the Cardinals. :pray:


Bugger them…i prefer the Cubs in the NL Central.


You bring the step and I’ll bring the rope.

They (the church) are going to pull every swifty in the book to get him out of this. Wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to the High Court.


I don’t understand how George Pell was convicted? What was the evidence? Someone’s memory of what happened 20 years ago?
What a disgrace. Jury by media it sounds like. This country is ■■■■■■.


Now that is just very silly


Are you doubting that Pell wasn’t fully aware of what was going on not only in his parish in Ballarat but also in other places? I lived in that area in the eighties and it was common knowledge. People were taking their children out of Catholic schools and putting them into State Schools. Unfortunately not enough did. Pell protected priests who were abusing children by moving them and covered up the problem by moving problem priests around to other parishes like a game of musical chairs so, the problem was out of his parish. Then it became someone’s problem but out of sight out of mind. The behaviour continued happening because no one who could have spoken up about what was happening and made a difference, did nothing to stop the abuse. People were either ignored or warned off and advised not to take the matter any further. The Police were next to useless.

What about the Church in Rome, recently admitting they delibrately destroyed evidence of abuse going back years and years - naming Priests and Parishes where abuse was happening and where priests were being moved out of one parish into another. The church washes its hands of any wrong doing blames a few bad eggs. When the whole organisation needs a broom swept through it.


A jury considered a lot of evidence that you haven’t seen. That evidence was second-guessed in front of judge and jury by the best legal team Pell could buy. The jury wasn’t convinced by Pells high-priced lawyers and at a ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ burden of proof they found him guilty, that’s how.

Did you perefer it when victim’s complaints were dismissed and abuse swept under the carpet as not being credible because people in such positions could do no wrong and those miserable victims must have been making it up?


Really? Jury heard ALL the evidence. You didn’t hear the evidence so ■■■■ off.


agree this is the point and needs to happen
citing evidence that seemingly no one heard other than the jury doesnt give any indication that they2 were correct in their finding or not.
Pell should be in gaol and should never get out but the making yourself feel better by jumping up and down in a self righteous manner doesnt help anyone but the catholic church which just wants to get2 on with what they have been doing for centuries.
For those that have been fighting this for decades nothing short of the the whole institution being investigated will suffice. Pell wasnt the only one protecting pedophiles. If I was the catholic church I would want the focus to be on anywhere but on the organisation itself