George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


I go with child rapist and child molester.
Pell the kiddy fiddler sounds like a downgrade.


Pell defenders being selective on the blame game. THey have realised not wise to engage in character assassination of the victims or to trash the justice system.
SO they are concentrating on the journalists ( who don’t work for Murdoch) The bile against Louise Milligan has been particularly vicious. The Magistrate at the commital hearings slapped down attempts to trash Milligan’s reputation when she was in the witness box
The Australian sent a journalist to the first trial but not the second. Get the impression that its Melbourne bureau has been handicapped , under directions from Sydney Head office. How does Chip feel.?


There’s certainly no shortage of stupid in this thread.


The strangest thing is its obvious you didn’t carefully read my post. You have made my post as clear as mud.


I was going to respond in my normal manner, but either Donnington MkII is areal dikkhead or just stupid.

I went with stupid.


The sound of Catholics whinging about Pell being convicted.



To be fair it’s not all catholics. Many are outraged by Pell.


No groundswell of public Catholic support for Pell despite the efforts of a handful of people to stir it up.


You haven’t heard the evidence.


The strangest thing is people defending kiddy fiddlers without hearing the evidence.


Not sure why we bother having trials, courts and juries when we can just have some ill informed posters on BLITZ giving their opinion.

The bloke is guilty of serious crimes.

Deal with it.


Pizzagate/illumanati bullshit can go ■■■■ up a rope.

How about we deal with the thousands, literally thousands, of complaints against the Catholic Church.
For the record, thanks to the Liberal Party, the royal commission into child sexual abuse was expanded outside the obvious source.
This is not a thing that hasn’t been investigated.
And guess what?
It found some,

It did not find anyone who abused 65 different children, one of whom was abused ‘hundreds of times.’

Get. ■■■■■■. With this…oh, other organisations did it too.
They did.
But not to the extent the Catholic Church did.
Not with the knowledge at the time, and afterwards, that the Catholic Church did.
Monsters preyed on children, and then other monsters (in my opinion worse) covered it up.
Because they could.
Because they held power over kids, parents of kids, communities.

God farking damnit, they knew.
I said it a year ago, and I was put on the stand by one particular ■■■■ here, beginning and end of it is that The Catholic Church Knew Their Priests Raped Children.

Say that last bit again to yourself.
And again.
Accept the evil of it.
This happened.
They hid it.
End of story.


Decent post that one.

Would read again. … In fact did.


[quote=“wimmera1, post:2018, topic:3069, full:true”]For the record, thanks to the Liberal Party, the royal commission into child sexual abuse was expanded outside the obvious source.

Not doubting you on this Wim, but I can only find a record of Tony Abbott supporting Julia Gillard on this, can you direct me to where to find details on Liberals expanding the scope.


Limited by my ability to sift through all the recent stuff, and my will to chase up things I remember clearly, I hope this will suffice.
Not having a go, but if you care, then feel free to look up ‘royal commission’ and ‘broadened’ yourself.

13 Nov 2012 7:45:09pm

Blurt: I thought it may have only been my suspicious mind, but I too observed Pell’s initial comment on a Royal Commission, and his then acceptance of it with a huge caveat. That being that the inquiry should cover all other possible churches and institutions that may have been involved in child abuse. I believe that his hope is that the Catholic Church may become somewhat lost in the eventual outcome. I noticed that Tony Abbott’s enthusiasm was also contingent on the broadest of inquiries. I hope his views were not for the same reason.


Well Wim, when I first saw your comment about the Liberals expanding the scope I searched everything I could find.

There is only reference of the lead-up to the 2012 announcement by Julia and then the scope and powers, and the panel who did the job, and the outcomes.

It does say Abbott and Greens supported the legislation, as did the Catholic Church and others. As I said cannot find any reference to Liberals expanding anything.


You have my post above, yes?


Yep, but don’t get the reference to 13 November 2012.

Labor was still in Government then.


Could they force a RC alone?

Edit: You know what? Don’t care. Doesn’t matter.
It was initially a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church.
Through pressure from the Liberal Party, the inquiry was broadened to all institutions.
That’s just a fact, whether you remember it or not, whether it was the right thing to do or not.
That happened.


Pell was correct in stating that child abuse was not unique to Catholic institutions. It was just more prevalent in Catholic institutions.
There is a power imbalance between an adult in a position of authority and a child. It is compounded when the authority is a religious institution. It is further componded when the religious institution is almost wholly staffed by those in holy orders. The status of those in holy orders somehow put them beyond scrutiny. That situation historically was almost unique to the Catholic Church. It has changed a lot since so few people have signed up to holy orders and the majority of Catholic institutions are now staffed by lay people.