George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


Pell was admitted to the priesthood, aka sentenced for life as a priest in the Catholic Church.
So this will be his second life sentence.


Wants him to live the last part of his life outside prison.


Making waves worldwide:


Makes me sick hearing about his “otherwise blameless character”.


Charge 1 - 2 years 6 mth

Charge 2 - 4 years

Charge 3 - 2 years 6 mth

Charge 4 - 15 mths

Charge 5 - 18 mths

Total of 6 years

Non parole 3 years 8 mths


You are fkn kidding. Out in just under 4. Shoot that fkn judge


6 years in total

He’s lucky not to get longer tbh


i know the judge is working within the confines of the legal system, but 6 years for raping a child is nowhere near long enough, surely.


thanks Heffsgirl. You’re a superhero. Glad you are on our team.


“I sentence you upon the basis that these episodes, viewed together, constitute isolated offending. I make substantial allowance for your good character and otherwise blameless life.”

What about the cover ups of other pedopriests?


I’d braced myself for three to four.
Could have done without hearing how tough it will be for an unrepentant child molester.


Not enough.

Not nearly enough.

He’s made fully half of the sentence concurrent.

He’s inserted commentary in to his sentencing that all but assures parole will be granted after the minimum length.

Do the decent thing and die inside before you parole is up, you evil ■■■■.


Raping 2 children.

More than once.


Let’s hope he knecks himself inside. Or someone turns a blind eye


i want him to spend at least one or two humiliating years on the outside, receiving the scorn, ridicule and general hatred that he deserves. the more pain the better.


While I agree that would be just, He’ll be shipped off to the Vatican to die in relative comfort in the retirement home for Pedo Priests.


It seems less than I expected


Age was always going to be in his favour so not surprised he got a short sentence.


Rape 2 kids and out in under 4 years

You are a fucken disgrace Australia


I doubt very much that the victims who have had their lives destroyed would be happy with that light sentence.