George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


I hope he gets the ■■■■ beaten out of him in there. If so he won’t even make it to be eligible for parole…


Further to that, IMO, the state of mind and / or health of the victims should be taken into account more than the state of health and /or age of the perpetrator.


I’d also add weighing in a character reference for those convicted of child sex offences is superfluous. The most egregious act a human can do cannot be counter weighed by other good behavior. There is no equivalent good behavior.


3 years & 8 months non-parole. Fckn ridiculous, but I knew it would be between 3-4 years. Sentencing is FUBAR in Australia.


Will most likely die before that with all his health issues.


Maybe but that really isn’t the point and it should not even be considered by a judge when sentencing imo.


Should have got minimum 10 years plus but keeping ■■■■■ like him in jail costs money especially some one of his age who is a chance of dying before his sentence is served.


He has appealed the sentence - so he could potentially get higher if the COA confirms the conviction and thinks the sentence is too low…


Anyone know if a bail application was lodged post-sentencing? If so, I hope the judge knocks that on the head.


Can you travel overseas if you are on the sex offender register?


He has appealed the verdict. Think the length of the sentence would be a separate process. That option remains for the Crown as well


The annoying part of the sentence is the possibility that he could be released when still alive. And the fact that he has enjoyed a full life after he knowingly perpetrated his crimes. He imposed a life sentence on his victims, so it is only fitting that he die in prison for mine. Mandatory sentencing should be introduced for certain violent crimes including rape, child abuse, etc.


I don’t know. Good question.


In December 2017, the Australian Government introduced a new provision into the Commonwealth Criminal Code which makes it an offence for a person whose name appears on a child protection register to travel, or attempt to travel, overseas without permission from a competent authority. A competent authority means a person with powers, functions or duties in relation to a child sex offender register. A person found guilty of this offence will face up to five years imprisonment. See below for AFP’s policy in relation to the international travel of Australian Registered Child Sex Offenders.

Bet he would be given permission.


i wonder how all the right-wing “tough-on crime” types will go about dancing around this sentence length.


Just to relative compare. Indigenous people in WA get 3 years for repeat traffic offence of driving an unregistered car.


It certainly shouldn’t, and health inequalities are not factored in when indigenous Australians are incarcerated.

Edit: benfti beat me to the same point!


The otherwise blameless reference could be categorised as the judge acting from an abundance of legal caution. . His other actions at this stage are allegations that have not been legally tested. Also, as I understand it, the positive character references were not contested by the Crown .
Not saying that he is an otherwise blameless person.


might get a bit more action than that.


Out of interest, what is the status, legally speaking, of a royal commission? Presumably all testimony is under an oath of some sort?

I can’t recall if the RC made any findings specifically in relation to Pell’s conduct. His testimony there certainly painted him of exceedingly poor character, but morally, not necessarily legally.

Edit: I’m aware that allegations of offences were not made against Pell as an individual as part of the RC.