George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim



This is 100% judge-speak for “suck ■■■■, ■■■■■■■■”


3 years is a whole lot more than nothing.

I don’t believe in hell, but I take great comfort in knowing that Pell does.


The Pell parts of the Royal Commission transcript records were redacted for the purposes of the court proceedings, They are now going to be released.


That will be interesting.

I do recall the televised parts of his testimony where he stated that these reports were “a sad story that was of very little interest to me”, among other gems that speak, in my opinion, entirely to his character.


Also, Is there a plausible explanation for Pell receiving 6 years jail when the “ATO Whistleblower” could be jailed for up to 160 years?


Hard to believe this was televised throughout the world.

Should be able to attract far more pedophiles to this country now.


Oh the sad, sickening irony when the judge considers Pell’s age when Pell himself had no such consideration, nor any consent. Cowards all round.


Kidd emphasised the gravity of the offence, by someone at the top of the Cathedral authority ladder against child choristers at the bottom of the ladder. In addition to the abuse of power, he also referred to the abuse of trust.


Not the first time a Kidd has ■■■■■■ Georgie.


Possibly too soon.



You get more for drug trafficking. People ask for drugs. No child asks to be raped

The world is fkd


I don’t know who’s the bigger criminal here!

Maybe the jury need to conduct sentencing also.

Pell’s age and good character is a factor

Pell is 77 years old and Judge Kidd said his age was a significant factor in his sentencing.

“Of some real importance in my sentencing exercise is the fact that each year you spend in custody will represent a substantial portion of your remaining life expectancy,” he said.

“I am conscious that the term of imprisonment, which I am about to impose upon you, carries with it a real, as distinct from theoretical, possibility that you may not live to be released from prison.

“Facing jail at your age in these circumstances must be an awful state of affairs for you. You are also clearly someone with some significant enough health issues.

“I have no doubt that you will experience some stress while in custody. I will make allowance for these matters.”

The judge said he would also take Pell’s character references into account.

“In addition to not having any prior convictions, I am satisfied that the evidence before me is that you are someone who has been, in the last 22 years, since the offending, of otherwise good character.

“I sentence you upon the basis that these episodes, viewed together, constitute isolated offending. I make substantial allowance for your good character and otherwise blameless life.”

Chief Judge Peter Kidd delivers George Pell sentence at the Victorian County Court on Wednesday 13 March 2019. Picture: ABC

Chief Judge Peter Kidd delivers George Pell sentence at the Victorian County Court on Wednesday 13 March 2019. Picture: ABC Source: ABC


Mindboggling and ridiculous statement to make.

He has ne idea how many other offences he may have committed, he’s surely aware of all the many rumours, and as you say, covering up for hiding and moving pedo preists around to inflict damage and pain elsewhere.


Interesting balance on Pell’s status. Because of his status of authority and trust, the gravity of his offence was compounded. Because of his status - including notoriety- a custodial sentence could add to his hardship more than others not enjoying such status.


So would we give a homeless, jobless druggie less of a sentence because they’re totaly unknown?

Doubt it, somehow.


My take on Kidd’s comments around the sentencing, is that it reduces the likelihood of the sentence being reduced upon appeal.

Pell’s defence might say “but he’s been good for 22 years!”, “but he’s frail so each year could be a life sentence”, but any judge reviewing Kidd’s sentence will note that has already been allowed for.


Source Ben?

More importantly, how long do they get for raping kids?


You really want a system where a County Court Judge bases sentences on rumour?


100% the case. I heard someone talking on 774 who described the importance of making sure every arguable element was considered by the judge in sentencing.


More that he was acknowledging defence arguments. He did not refer to the weighting given, but did reference practice in prison protection arrangements for persons of status and notoriety.
To all those who refer to scapegoating etc, I would suggest that Pell may have been given more careful consideration in the weighing up of the term of his sentence than some others without his status.