George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


It’s just so ironic that the defense offered by Pell’s lawyer is that the building, ceremonies and garments of the Catholic Church are somehow pedophile proof.

It’s a ■■■■■■■ pedophilia ring that uses the Vatican to hide criminals from prosecution.


A little, just on the 1st line of the chorus, but really, Nah.

Thanks for getting me to listen again though, it’s a fantastic piece of work. He’s a gifted lyricist.

Written in one day, smashed out recorded in just one other. Amazing.


Article states he will be in solitary in Ararat.


The only person he won’t be safe from, is himself. Self serving George.


Can some you who still believe in God explain this.

Supposing Pell did commit one of the most heinous crimes short of murder, how did God, who knows everything, allow Pell to rise to one level below the top of his church? Does God himself build his religion here on earth based on mouthpieces who spread his word, represent him but commit foul acts?
Supposing Pell is not a paedophile and did not protect paedophile priests on his watch, then how did God ever allow him, after a lifetime of service to be found guilty, to go to gaol.

For a God that listens to everyones prayers, made the farkin universe, and controls all that goes on it, he is either disloyal to his faithful servant, or culpable, in that he allowed one of his representatives to commit such acts.

You can believe in God if you like thats your prerogative, but it all sounds like bulsh to me.


Keeping in mind that this thread is particularly sensitive, given the awful nature of its subject, I will be brief.

God’s purported supporters, even at the highest levels, are often massive failures. Of Jesus’ first hand-picked 12, Peter’s triple denial was clearly outranked by Judas’ betrayal for 30 pieces of silver. Jesus took harm to children very seriously: But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Furthermore, Christianity acknowledges evil exists in this world as does free choice. Bad things will happen. Often the reward for righteousness has to be in the next life because this one is so painful. Christ’s suffering is an example of this. Don’t expect Christianity to mean life on earth is fair, or pure, or good, even if it sometimes encourage individuals to act that way.

I don’t expect to take this any further here because it is a little off-topic and the main topic is a very heavy one. Happy to take PMs.


Anything science hasn’t yet definitively explained = god

Anything religious zealots can’t explain = ‘mysterious ways’.

The thing this whole sorry tale highlights for me is that while no doubt a lot of religious people are well meaning and their ministers are authentic in their intentions, a lot (7% in the RC???) are just nutter kiddy fiddlers and the like - flawed people like you find anywhere, but who somehow get this power/authority from a whole lot of man made hocus pocus ceremony/garb/rules etc, claiming some kind of hot line to the white - bearded guy in the sky that no one’s ever seen. If just a few belived this stuff they’d be locked away. Because lots believe, it’s considered ancient wisdom.


Athiests are as entitled to their beliefs as are believers in the teachings which have propagated over the last 2000 years in some cases, 1200 years in others.


God isn’t the church.
The church isn’t god.

And this is coming from a committed and confirmed atheist.


In the commercial world they would say the Church is not an authorized representative of God and run them out of Dodge.


I would like to argue about God and Atheists, and the immorality of fundamentalists, but in the context of Pell going to jail, the most relevant thing to say is …

… if Pell going to jail isn’t proof there is a God, it certainly is a significant strand in the cable.


What if he gets off on appeal?


Proof of the Devil


Atheism isn’t a belief. It’s a lack of belief.

And to answer your question how does a god allow Pell to do what he did… There is no god allowing or disallowing anything to happen. It’s just humans doing as they want.


The Hansie Cronje ‘The Devil made me do it’ defence.


Why is it always assumed that being a disciple of god is a good thing?

All the evidence throughout the centuries points to the contrary.


Well actually even though I don’t believe God exists, some of the teachings of christianity are good and constitute a model for having a good life living as harmoniously as possible with others.


Nice one. No more Pell. Just move to general religious discussion.


Well christianity is the basis for most of our laws. So I am really happy you feel that way!

My philosophy on God is this. God (to me) represents the unknown and the belief in God gets you through whatever unknown that is.

And as there will always be unknowns as everything is never all knowable, God will always exist.

I don’t understand atheists and I think agnostics are just a little scared of taking up a particular definition.

I hope one day an atheist can explain it(no belief in God) to me… I often get bored when they try to though.


I am an atheist. I reject the belief that any Gods exist.

That is what I believe.