George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


I don’t think it’s rhyming slang. The Irish would call him ‘yer mahn’.


Religion… just keeps on giving.


In 200 years religion may well be defunct and people will look back on them all with astonishment that intelligent humans actually believed this shitt, much like we look back upon the Salem Witch trials and many other assorted ridiculous beliefs today.


Yeah I was referring to deckam’s china plate - mate thang

‘old mate’ is defo not cockney rhyming slang


Religion where the adults give a tip out the front, and the children get a tip out back.


The thing with priests is that abstinence makes the Church grow fondlers.


I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for.


To be fair, the Salem witch hunts did generate the Cruicible, which is one of my favourite pieces of literature. So not all bad…


See, there’s ya problem.


@wimmera1 lied to me then.
I am not amused.


Is he guilty or was it a stitch up from Victorian cops - and what would be their motive. I think I heard something along those lines when all this first started.

Just throwing it out there

One also wonders if he becomes appellant at some stage of the trial.


Wrong. But feel free to malign a large portion of society right around the world.



Ahm…I don’t think that’s gonna work, Helen.


I’m hearing the ‘it was a stitch up by the cops!’ line a bit, and I’m never hearing even the tiniest amount of evidence this happened or slightest hint as to how or why it was done.

If anything, I’d expect the police to lean the other way, given VicPol’s long and sordid history of covering up for pedophile priests (the case of Denis Ryan and John Day springs to mind)


I think the improtant thing is to respect others beliefs, even if we don’t agree with them. If it dies out, it dies out, if people want to believe then they can go right ahead, however, I cannot stand people bible bashing and pushing their beliefs on others. In saying that, “freedom of religion” is just one of five entrenched rights in our constitution, so we should respect that. Only ones I wouldn’t respect are scientologists, as that is a legit cult.


Whilst there is certainly a kernel of truth to that statement, unfortunately, a lot of child molesters and other sex offenders haven’t sworn vows of celibacy and are sexually active yet still commit their crimes.

I’d wager a lot of these priests were themselves raised in this environment, potentially themselves victims and see it, or saw it, as normal. Others probably had these temptations and turned to the life of the cloth to overcome their innate paedophilic desires only to be exposed to an internal culture that enables and encourages those temptations. And there are certainly many predators who see the priesthood as the perfect camouflage, and the church as the perfect hunting ground.


Denis Ryan deserves a statue outside, and facing, every Catholic church in the country. If ever anyone deserved a knighthood, it is him; Obviously Tony Abbott was never going to consider him though.


Christianity was a cult in ancient Rome and was feared and sometimes fearful. Not nearly as much as after its memes seeded the empire but even in its infancy the Christian cult had extremists who destroyed pagan monuments and committed acts of terror against non believers. Obviously their own persecution led to much of this. But they organised a lot better than anyone eventually. They’re all cults in a perpetual power grab for the ‘soul of man’ and all the sweet things that come with it. And just as full of the naughty and the nice as any other human collective.


And like all cults, they welcome you with friendly, open arms and when once in only to tell you how much of a sinner and evil person you are. Only they can can redeem you, of course.
It’s classic mind control.