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I too have read Andrew Bolt.


Why is it important to you that I respect your beliefs ?

If free of religion is an entrenched right, what are the other 4 ?

If Scientology is a cult, then what is the Roman Catholic Church ? And if it import to respect others beliefs, then why do you exclude Scientology ?


If anybody listens to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore Histories podcast, try Prophets of Doom about the years after Luther nailed that pamphlet to the church doors.

It seemed as if, apart from Luther, there were sects just aching to burst free from Catholicism. This one largely covers the city of Münster in Germany and the rise of the Anabaptists (Mennonites and Amish are sects). Positively hideous, and the way they were suppressed by the local bishops. You’re not real sympathetic to the Anabaptists copping their right whack.


this bloke was signed to Richmond?


Personally, I respect others if they’re religious, even if I don’t agree with it. It’s like people with different political opinions, I respect that also. However if someone wants to behave like a moron because they don’t agree, then that’s up to them.

There are a number of aspects of scientology, which effectively make it more of a “cult” than a “religion”. E.g., look at what they do at those who try to leave. Strictly speaking, I was talking about respecting religions, not cults. That’s not to say any of the three abrahamic religions are beyond reproach, or haven’t displayed cult-like characteristics in the past. However, as someone who was baptised, and went to a religious school, I can safely say that if you want to leave, you’re certainly free to walk out the door.


RC often stands for Retired Catholic.

Lots of us around.


I thought it was Recovering Catholic, … :thinking:


Yep agree with all that, except I know a couple who are Scientologists and another guy who was and late to join my godless group. They have a issues with staying or leaving.

And when I “retired” from the Roman Catholic Church, my very Catholic Mother was given a massive serve by the Parish Priest who condemned me and her to eternal Hell.


I personally reject the whole “respect” argument. I accept that we live in a society which tolerates religion, within limits, but respect is a much stronger term than tolerates. I have no respect for institutions based on irrational belief which constantly seek to brainwash, manipulate, proselytise and traduce other members of society, and to a lesser or greater degree, that covers nearly all so called religions for mine. Why we protect inherently intolerant institutions is beyond me and beyond the limits of rational toleration. I am willing to tolerate the presence of institutions which are inherently intolerant but only if we protect the targets of their intolerance, who in many cases are their own children, and frankly I’m not sure that is possible.


I was a little surprised that I never copped a serve from my old cheese when I gave up weekly attendance. But she did turn her back as the magic words were stated when my youngest sister married for the second time in her backyard. She wasn’t into divorce.

A true believer till she died at nearly 93.


Sounds similar to the Puritans in early America, oppressed and run out of Britain, and you can see why, especially in the way they treated the quackers - who were nuts in their own right.


Puritans left England tp practise religious intolerance, not escape it.

And from what I’ve read of the Quakers, if you’re going to get sucked into this crap, they’d be the most reasonable to join.


I agree with most of that to a certain extent, but there are some well established religions which do similar, if not worse things to people who choose to leave the faith they were born into.


That’s nicely said, and it’s difficult to disagree with. The only flaw - be careful about generalising. People are not ‘institutions’.


What about Kevin Sheedy?


Pell has been admitted to hospital… For a knee op.


The level of superior intellect displayed in this thread is quite humbling :thinking:

Maybe I’ll have a go…

I consider myself reasonably educated but I don’t doubt I would be put in my place by many on both sides of the theological debate - I also don’t doubt most here would be put in that same place right there beside me, despite the cocky self-assuredness.

The idea that rational thought is the answer to everything sounds suspiciously to me like just another form of religion.

Religion won’t die out because there will always be unanswered questions and there will never be anyone who has full knowledge of everything (you being the obvious exception @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS :laughing:).

Ultimately we’re all just going with our best guess.


Religion won’t die out because there is too much power and profit involved to let it disappear.

I can answer all your questions.


I don’t agree with the unanswered questions in a logical sense, but I certainly think it’s stupid to suggest something that’s been intertwined with human history, society and culture for tens of thousands of years is going to disappear in a few centuries. It fills a psychological need for a lot of people.


And that’s the reason that juuuuust in case this ■■■■ is real a little conversion may be required on the death bed for some.