George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


Man, if god is real, and omniscient, and omnipotent, and omnivore - but dumb enough to be sucked in by that? stuff him.


It is and it’s called humanism.



He is dying in Prison now.

Right now it’s just about cataloging just how much of a grub he indeed was.

Hope the victims get justice.


Going to a hall filled with old people, listening to tales about morality and compassion. Then leave a pineapple in the collection plate = bad, manipulation.

Going to a hall filled with old people, full of flashing lights and sound. Leave a pineapple or two in the pokies = my fun and don’t you dare take it away.

It’s a funny world we live in.


Ricky is a wonderful entertainer, has a good understanding of people and from what I can tell is a pretty decent human being.
I’ve heard him talk on religion a few times. It’s obviously a passion of his.
He makes some points that promote interesting discussion for people but they tend to be short on real depth and don’t really lead to sound conclusions.


A little ironic, no?


Ducked out just in time I’d say.


There are no sound conclusions on teh godz. He does a pretty good job of generalising the basic facts which are incontrovertible to the smartest monkey. The force that drove Pell’s hand on a young boy was perverted lust in a sophisticated and repressed monkey. Allegedly.

You can deny this and endure the torture of faith, or go and have a ■■■■■■■ coffee or a beer and read a volume of poetry and marvel at the best things we’ve done, and brewed, in our short tenure. Soon you will be dirt etc


George Carlins interpretation of religion is the best…


Rational thought and humanism cannot be, and never will be, a religion.

Religion needs a god or godess, a book of rules / doctrine, some form of afterlife, and usually some form of hierarchical structure.

Rational thought / humanism has none of these, and in fact, are a rejection of all that.


Sadly a human mass bereft of a god or goddess will put the head on something like a Kardashian. New thread, Best Band Name. Devo. Thread over.


Good on you on bringing the Kardashians into it. If there’s anything I cant stand it’s the, dare I say it, the worship of that clan I find completely bizarre!


My wife treats me like a Kardashian.
She thinks I’m special for absolutely no reason at all.


No rules at all? Or just not in a book?

And if no rules, does that mean a rationalist or a humanist can do anything? Eg kill a nasty old person with a lot of money because the rationalist/humanist is rationally and humanly a better person than the old miser and will use the money for good instead of evil?

Some Russian guy thought that, but I don’t think it worked out very well.


Help me out here.
Which part?


We do have the laws of the land! And I think you’re creating a strawman there.


Of course humanists are not a religion in the traditional sense of the word but it’s semantics for me.
Without religion to construct a system of moral beliefs, no way we would be where we are today.


Moral beliefs can be subjective, what’s wrong for one can be seen as right for another. Without religion we could we have developed humanist values anyway, and who knows…maybe a more balanced, equal world without all the hatred we see nowadays, of lot of which exists because of religion.


I would dare say there are a few things you would believe to be right/wrong no matter what background someone comes from. We hear it more and more about not all opinions being equal.

Humans own the capacity for hate, religion is just a vehicle to use it and Humanism isn’t exempt from that.