George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


The problem with religion is that it has been hijacked by people with “humanist” values to drive their own agendas and enrich their own organisations. That isn’t religion anymore - it’s been corrupted for a long time. Religion needs to modernise itself because what was perhaps suitable for the past certainly isn’t relevant anymore.
Disclaimer - I write Greek Orthodox down as my religion when asked but certainly wouldn’t consider myself a religious person.


Largely true all that. We all have our beliefs and how we see the world, regardless of background as you say. Humans do, and can, hate of course, and no one is immune, religion or no religion. It’s an intrinsic part of being us.


Religion eventually evolves with changing thought, even if it takes 100’s of years. I doubt there is any religion which is exactly the same now as it was when it was first invented.


With or without religion there would have and will still be plenty of wars, hate, abuse etc. That just what people do. You just need a banner, whether it be religion, ethnic group, country, whatever… it’s going to happen.

I’m Personally happy to live and let live.

The churches reaction to systematic abuse is vomit worthy and I really wish there was a god to send these fiddlers to an eternity of fiery hell. Unfortunately they will rot in the dirt in peace like the rest of us.

I work with a guy who is very religious (Christian) and he is one of the nastiest, judgemental people I have had the misfortune of knowing. If your whole movement is built on superior morals, be careful who you recruit.


This thread is getting too serious


Well, the part I quoted, plus the subject of religion, and the fervor of belief.


And the belief of fervour


Two of the very worst people I’ve known have been practising Salvos.


My house backs on to one of the old Boy’s Homes the Salvos used to run. You know, where they introduced juvenile delinquents and orphans to work ethic and discipline and civilised society via three square beatings a day and hot and cold running pedophilia. The dorms are still there, the salvos run an op shop out of it now, and hire the grounds out to a laser tag company on weekends.

There were apparently kids who got quietly buried on the grounds, after getting beaten too badly, or torn up inside too badly by one of the sickos. Report them as runaways, dump them in a shallow grave in the bush. Probably happened right up the back of the property near my fenceline, now i think of it.


What was it? The sex tape, fake @rse, or fake lips?


Who would have known a thread about child sexual abuse could be so depressing


I’m pretty sure I know where you mean, it’s just down the road from me. I didn’t know that about the place, but it doesn’t surprise me. It gives off a weird vibe when you go past it. The dog park next to it is kinda creepy too, maybe for similar reasons.





Well, yes, that’s the general gist.


Good old Salvos.
It’s ok to be gay, just no sex.
Right wing religious cult with an agenda masquerading as a charity.




Yeah, that’s the one. I was reading up on it the other day. Was investigated quite extensively at the Royal Commission apparently.

The place next the the dog park was sort of a sub campus for the more ‘troublesome’ boys and was apparently the worst place. The main facility was on the far side of the block across the road, that’s still there and the salvos run a drug rehab centre out of it now. The site of the primary school down next to the roundabout was another subcampus, this one for kids too young for the main facility.

edit: the dog park has always just been a drainage basin/park though, as far as i can tell.


Is this in Kilsyth South?




As someone who grew up in the salvos for the first 25 years of my life, have no paedophillic or homicidal inclinations and knew a lot of wonderful, good hearted people I’m going to ask you not be a complete ■■■■ and make such sweeping generalisations.