George Pell has been re-homed now, Tim


I’m not making any judgements about you as an individual or many others in the salvos. I didn’t say anything about murder or pedophelia but Since you mention it:

‘Survivor witnesses gave evidence they were dragged from their beds and raped by Salvation Army officers, forced to have sex with other boys’

So I’m sure while they have done good by you and many other people, perhaps you can understand why not everyone shares your wholesome view of them as a greater organisation.

Further they don’t just collect charity and hand it out to the needy. They also use these funds to lobby and progress their right wing agenda.

I find them deceptive.


Of course I know not everyone has the same experience, some of those experiences are horrific and devastating. That stain clearly sticks.
You made the broad statements not me.

They are a faith based organisation. Absolutely some of their money goes towards supporting that.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you have no idea what safeguards they have in place to make sure those funds are allocated appropriately.

You can find them however you want and - as with most organisations - there will be elements of truth to what you say. On the whole your views on their charity work and deception are misplaced.


It’s hard for people to accept an organisation’s motives are good and pure when they’re violently raping some of the beneficiaries of their charity.

People are funny like that.


That sounds like the backstory to a horror movie or even just a horror movie on its own. I hope they’ve done some serious digging, especially in regards to the potential burials


I remember all to well having to hold my first Boss back if he’d had a few and the Salvo’s came around the bar shaking their wooden boxes.

He was an orphan who grew up under their “care”, and his hatred was visceral and blazing. Some of the things he endured, that he eventually spoke of were just horrific, … so I can relate to the negative sentiment.


We’ve dropped off a basket like this to the Salvos just before Christmas for years.
Start around the first of December, add to it when we see stuff that might suit.
This one’s about done.
I’d like to think it will help someone in some small way.
I don’t think it will be going to any right wing fundraising or to support pedophilia.


Just make sure there is no spooky spaghetti in there.
They might reject those magic tricks.


I don’t think they would.
In any case, there’s a magic thing in there anyway.


The cops did do some basic looking around, but it was decades after the fact and only based on vague recollections of second or third-hand rumours of blokes who were terrified kids at the time. They didn’t find anything. Jury is out as to whether it actually happened and the bodies haven’t been found, or whether it was based on urban legend among the kids who were there. There’s certainly been no thorough search

It’s a weird, disturbing old place though. I’ve been there, before I knew what had happened there, to have a look at the op shop. It’s got an unsettling feeling about it, you just feel uncomfortable being there in a way that’s hard to put into words. I’m as rationalist and unsuperstitious as the day is long, but the place just had bad vibes. I’ve felt the same sort of thing before, when I went I did Contiki in my 20s and we went to the concentration camp at Mauthausen. The old Boys Home feels lesser, but similar (though I did know what Mauthausen was before walking in the gate, so it might have been my subconscious talking in that case at least).

Doesn’t seem to bother the people who get done up in camo to run around playing laser tag there though.


In time for his Santa audition?


A step in the right direction, at last.


Organizers of the Feb. 21-24 summit warned participants in a letter that failure to address the scandal now threatens the very credibility of the Catholic Church around the world

I did Lol.

What credibility do they actually think they have left at this point?


You would have to ask a practicing Catholic that question. l was a Catholic once, but l have since failed.


My mum, who is maltese and grew up in a traditional household, has stopped going to church. She is pretty disgusted with the behavior of the church in covering up sex abuse.


Wow! That is a massive step.


I would actually say CJ, that we have not failed at all, but definitely succeeded !


In my case l know l failed to believe beyond the age of 11. l will leave it at that.


That’s pretty massive. I dated a Maltese girl for a few years a while back and her family was very religious. Probably one of the more religious races I have come across.


There are pedos in non-religious society too, does that mean all non-religious people are disgusting and shouldn’t be trusted?

Generalisations don’t work and shouldn’t be applied.


She still has her faith.

But she thinks the church does a disservice to the teachings of Jesus - not just this issue, but the status of women, contraception, gays etc.